Mystery Peru


We invite you to explore a land shrouded in mystery. If you are planning to travel to Peru, we can arrange your perfect Peruvian adventure, including the most popular destinations. If you wish to explore the coastal desert, the Andes or the Amazon rainforest, Mystery Peru presents all the best of these remarkable places. Our knowledge of Peru guarantees satisfaction for clients who wish to explore the Andean World. No matter what your Peru travel requirements, Mystery Peru will ensure that you have the best possible vacation in the Land of the Incas. We are able to organize every aspect of planning your vacation to Peru, complete with hotel bookings, air bookings, train
tickets, transfers, guides plus provide you with an itinerary that
suits your personal requirements!!!


Our Programs - Mystery Peru
Highlights of Peru

See the best of Peru on these three weeks adventure journey, travelling by land throughout Peru's most amazing attractions. Our excursion includes the visit to The City of Lima with its main attractions, the Paracas Reserve, the Ballestas Islands, the City of Ica, the Huacachina Oasis, the Nazca Lines and its mysterious graveyards in the desert, the White City of Arequipa with its beautiful monastery of Santa Catalina, the deepest Canyon of the World Colca Canyon, the City of Puno, the Lake Titicaca with its picturesque Islands of Amantani and Taquile, the Inca Capital Cusco, the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Tambopata Rainforest.

Exploring Peru

Visit the city of Machu Picchu by train and explore one of the seven wonders of the world at your own pace. Spend some days visiting the most remarkables attractions in Cusco, such as the ruins of Sacsayhuaman and the Qoricancha temple. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas and then sail with us on the waters of the Lake Titicaca. See the best of the Colca Canyon and finally drive down to the coast and take a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines. Climb the highest sand dune of the world Cerro Blanco and learn about sandboarding. Take a nice boat ride at the Pacific Ocean visiting the Ballestas Islands with its large population of birds, and sea lions and finally explore byb land the best of the Paracas Reserve.

Condor Routes

Explore the Southern Peruvian highlands, discovering magnificent places such as the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest Canyons of the world where you will spot the Andean Condor. Travel throughout the Altiplano and see the magic of the the Lake Titicaca", visiting its famous Uros Floating Islands and the Taquile community. Finally travel to the city of Cusco, and discover the great legacy left behind by one of the greates cultures of America, The Incas. Visit with us amazing temples and Inca palaces in and around the Cusco city. Then visit The Sacred Valley of the Incas with its temples of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo. Walk the amazing Inca Trail till reach one of the wonders of our planet Machu Picchu.

Classic Peru

Travel to the altiplano lands towards the Lake Titicaca, the birth place of the Incas. Visit with its beautiful Islands, where native keep their culture alive and where spanish is a secon language. Explore the city of Cusco with its manificent colonial buildings, and fine Inca temples, such as the Santo Domingo templo, also know as the Qoricancha and the giant structures of Sacsayhuaman. Then venture towards the royal Inca Trail in search of Machu Pichu, a gorgeous citadel hidden in the rainforest. Travel by plane to the Tambopata Rainforest, a jungle reserve that houses a great array of birds and wildlife. This is a great jungle experience that includes walking tours and birdwatching.

Peru Express

Go wild in the Peruvian Jungle at the Tambopata Reserve and explore amazonian rivers and oxbows by canoe. Take a marvelous train journey towards mysterious Inca lands and discover the wonders of " Machu Picchu" a sacred citadel hidden in the eyebrow of the jungle. Enjoy the Inca Capital of "Cusco" with its fabulous colonial architecture, traditional festivals and wonderful nightlife. Visit the "Sacred Valley" of the Incas with its picturesque Andean Market at the village of Pisaq. Join our team of explorers and sail with us on the highest navigable Lake of the world " The Lake Titicaca, visiting its famous Uros floating Islands and the Taquile community.

Machu Picchu & Titicaca

This is the perfect excursion for those who wish to explore the Inca World, such as the Andean City of Cusco, a magnifecent place with many Inca palaces, beautiful colonial structures and great night life. This tour includes the royal Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a fantastic trek of 43 kms that will lead you to one of the seven wonders of our planet. We also vist the Sacred Valley of the Incas with its coorful Andean market. Further up, on the Altiplano you will explore The Lake Titicaca, a misterious lake that according to leyend gave origin to the Inca disnasty. At the Titicaca Lake you are invited to spend one night on the Amantani Island, a gorgeous place inhabited by the direct descendents of the Incas.

Tambopata & Machu Picchu

A perfect journey that combines archaeology and great adventure, deep into the rainforest. This trip will take you to hike the Inca Trail for 4 days and discover the wonders of Machu Picchu, a sacred citadel hidden in the rainforest. Enjoy the Ancient Inca Capital of Cusco with its magnificent Inca palaces, such as the Qoricancha gold temple and the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas , with its picturesque Andean Market at the village of Pisaq. Finally fly to Jungle and visit the Reserve of Tambopata, a green world with gigantic trees, beautiful lagoons, winding rivers and wonderful wildlife.

The Best of Cusco

Enjoy with Mystery Peru the Best of the Inca Capital. Don't miss this great opportunity and travel to the land of the Incas, a place with magic and hidden treasures!!! Hike the Inca Trail and discover the wonders of Machu Picchu a sacred citadel hidden in the eyebrow of the jungle. Enjoy the Ancient Inca Capital of Cusco, with its fabulous colonial architecture, traditional festivals and wonderful nightlife. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas with its amazing temples of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo, amazing constructions beautifully laidout on the slopes of giant mountains, allowing visitors great views of the surrounding andean range. At the Sacred Valley we also visit the colorful Andean marqket of Pisaq.

Cusco & Machu Picchu

This short trip has been especially designed to show you the essential of the Inca world. Travel with from the Peruvian capital of Lima directly to the holy city of Cusco, spend some time exploring the great legacies the Incas left behind, such us the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, the labyrinth of Qenko, the great Gold Temple or Qoricancha, and the majestic Cathedral of Cusco built in colonial times by the Spanish conquerors. Travel by train crossing the gorgeous Sacred Valley and descend to the cloud forest towards the small village of Aguas Calientes, where you can spend one night and get ready for an amazing exploration of Machu Picchu, going there before sunrise. This is actuully the best way to start your vacations in Peru !!!

Paracas & The Nazca Lines

This is the perfect excursion for those who want to be in contact with nature, marine life and archaeology. On this ocasion Mystery Peru offers the perfect combination on this 3 days excursion, starting and ending in Lima. On this tour package Mystery Peru includes the highlights of the southern Coast. The gorgeous "Ballestas Islands" with its great array of marine birds and colonies of sea lions, The Paracas National Reserve with its beautiful natural beauty, " The Oasis of Huacachina, a perfect place to explore sand dune with dune buggies and practise sandboarding " "The Enigmatic Nazca Lines" and the ancient "Cemetery of Chauchilla".