Welcome to Mystery Peru


Enrique Levano

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Enrique Levano, owner of Mystery Peru. I started my career as a tour guide in 1998, since then I have worked for different travel companies, leading small groups in all Peru. I have travelled with people from all over the world, mainly with Australians, English, Canadians and people from USA, showing them the best my country has to offer on the coast, the Andes and the Amazon, I've done trips in almost every corner of Peru, enjoying with my clients great time and experiences I could never forget. In 2004 I set out to open my own travel company and thanks to all the knwoledge I was able to pick up during my trips in Peru, my company start to grow litle by little. I provide my customers today not only tourists packages, but also friendship and support. Our head office is based in the city of Nazca, I chose this city due to its great geographical location and above all because its peacefull atmosphere. If one day you come to Nazca, do not hesitate to visit us, you will be always welcome at our house !!!


Fredy Pillaca
This is Fredy, a tour guide of Peru. Fredy is an excellent tour guide, someone with a great enthusiasm and proud of his andean background. He speaks good english and of course quechua, our native Inca language, as he grew up high in the Andes, in the department of Ayacucho. Fredy was one of the first persons who started with us when we opened Mystery Peru, and since then he has demonstrated his great capacity for leading groups, making them always happy and also showing them in the best way possible the richness of our land. At the moment Fredy spend his time working along the coast, leading private trips from Lima to Nazca, visiting with his groups of tourists mainly the zones of Lima, Paracas, Ica, Palpa, Nazca and various natural parks including the Reserve of Pampas Galeras, The Marine Bay of San Fernando, The Highest Sand Dune of the World called Cerro Blanco, and many other areas where he has especialized. If you plane to travel along the Peruvian coast one day with Mystery Peru, it is very likely that Fredy be your tour guide !!!


Our driver Ruso
Although his was named by his parents Eliezer, when he was born, he would be never called that way by his friends, but Ruso or Rusian (due to his white skin). Ruso is one of our best drivers, he has worked for many tourist bus companies in Peru, therefore he is an expert at the wheel. He has travelled countless times to major tourist cities in Peru, so his knowledge of the route will guarantee you a nice and safe journey in our country. He speaks basic english, but as he says, he most of the time knows what his clients want when travelling in his car. Ruso travels mainly with private tours to the city of Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Ica, Pisco, and Lima, making always stops at nice spots for pictures, being also very patient, and also stops at good restaurants where you can enjoy excellent Peruvian food in cousy atmospheres. The vehicle he drives has comfortable reclaining seats, air conditioning and a good stereo where he plays nice Peruvian music from different regions.