Mystery Peru Reviews

Mystery Peru Reviews

Past clients speak about us with more credibility than we can.
We are very proud of the results of our hard work so far and are determined to maintain a high quality of service and integrity.

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Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Boca Raton, Florida.

” What a Way to Spend the Last Day in Peru”

After a 16 day voyage through this beautiful country, we wanted to spend our last day with a high adventure and found Mystery Peru online. Most flights from Peru to Florida are red eyes that leave fairly late at night. Mystery Peru offered us a private tour for the whole day – this included personal pick up at our Lima hotel, a drive to Pisco to catch our Nazca flight, drive through the desert to Huacachina for lunch and a dune buggy ride, and a ride to the Lima airport with time to spare for dinner and relaxing before our 10:30 PM flight. This was a full day and our driver/guide was kind, patient, and insightful and treated us like family – our luggage was always safe and our time was top of mind. I would recommend this company and this tour to everyone.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Hak family from Australia.

” Mystery Peru N° 1 for Nazca Lines… “

We don’t usually write reviews but this tour company was just outstanding.
From the moment we got off the plane to when they took us back to the airport everything went so smoothly we can’t fault them in any way.
Even their price was extremely competitive. They tailor made a tour for us to our requirements.
Our driver was punctual, great with our kids and had better English than our Spanish. We felt like guests rather than just another family on a tour.
The restaurants recommended were some of the best we went to in S.A.
The hotel accommodation while supposedly 3 stars were some of the best 3-star hotels we stayed in.
The most outstanding service came after we left Peru and our daughter lost her Nasca lines souvenir bracelet.
The owner Enrique went to the trouble of buying a couple of replacement bracelets and posting them to us in Australia.
We were prepared to pay for the bracelets and postage but he sent them as a gift.
What really makes this company different is the personal touch and the little extra things they did for us such as recommending a visit to the fountain park in Lima after we had finished our city tour as they knew the children would like it.
We highly recommend Mystery Peru tour company for anyone traveling in Peru, especially if you are traveling with children.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Sidney, Australia.

Sand Boarding the largest sand dune in the world! Priceless!
Mystery Peru was simply amazing – especially our guide, Juan Carlos who got us to the top of this 2070m high sand dune after an almost 4-hour hike! Many people don’t make it – and Mystery Peru warned us about that – so it was especially rewarding when we did. Our guide was simply amazing and encouraged us (aka me) all the way through it.
And then the ride down – AMAZING! Scary like hell, but AMAZING!
We booked this online directly on the Mystery Peru website. The cost was USD75 per person – Worth every cent!
Pick-up from our hotel was at, and the hike started just after 5 am (in the dark) – take a head torch!
We took 3 liters of water for the two of us and we basically ran out by the time we got to the top with still about 2 hours to go – take enough water!
A camelback works well and leave your hands free and avoid having to access your backpack all the time for a water bottle.
You carry your own board to the top which is best carried between your back and backpack, so if you need to get into your backpack, the board has to be taken out first – not very practical.
Take something to eat! We asked our hotel to pack a lunch box and this was absolutely a lifesaver!
Wear proper hiking boots!
Wear sunscreen!
Take a dry bag or Ziploc bag for your camera, phone or other electronic valuables – you’ll get sand everywhere!
The best thing to take is a GoPro type camera in a waterproof case and wear it on your head or strapped to your chest.
Alternatively a waterproof camera, but it’s hard to use your hands to take photos while you’re going down the dunes and the camera can easily be knocked out of your hands.
You can still use your regular camera for the hike to the top.
You probably can’t do this if you’re a couch potato, seriously overweight or have a foot or knee or back problem.
We trained for this and the hike to the top was still extremely challenging! At times I really thought I wasn’t going to make it.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Orlando, Florida.

“Mystery Peru city tour-great layover option”
We had a long layover in Lima on a flight to Punta Arenas and were hopeful we could get a few hours tour in the city since we weren’t going to have time during our trip to visit again.
Mystery Peru does a tour that leaves right from the airport, designed for layovers. What a treat!
There’s luggage storage at the airport, so we didn’t need to bring our carry-ons. (I’d recommend having your guide pick you up an hour or two after you arrive and drop you off an hour or more before your flight leaves, however, as you’ll have to go back through immigration and security and have your bags scanned again).
What a treat! Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the city and gave us a great overview of such a limited time.
We visited all of the beautiful local churches, which was enough to make the tour worth the cost in itself.
We then visited the monastery of San Francisco, including its catacombs.
Our guide waited for us during this tour.
The monastery itself was spectacular and the catacombs were very cool, though this entire part of the tour was quite rushed (not the fault of our guide, the tour was given by monastery staff).
I’d still consider it a must-see, though.
We were taken to a shop for free tastings of various flavors of pisco and bought a few small bottles, then we went to a fantastic Peruvian restaurant for lunch and pisco sours before being returned to the airport.
Overall a great value and a great alternative to sitting in the airport for several hours on a layover.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Nanuet, New York.

“City of Cusco Tour-Lana is the best”
On a recent visit to Cusco, we decided to see the most of the city by booking a City of Cusco tour through Mystery Peru.
What a great decision! Our tour guide, Svetlana, was a very knowledgeable host.
You could definitely tell that she was proud of the culture and excited to teach us all about it.
Right away “Lana,” became a part of the group, made us laugh at her jokes, and used tour downtime to get to know us.
At the end of our tour, she stayed with us for a few extra minutes while helping us navigate our map.
She was AMAZING!!! The tour itself was also gorgeous. You are taken to all of the major architectures, and you even get a tour of the beautiful cathedrals.
Highly recommended.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from New York, USA.

“Wonderful trip – highly recommended”
We did the two day trip to Paracas and Nazca in October and it was the highlight of our trip to Peru.
Everything was very well organized, Enrique responded quickly and booking was easy.
The pace of the tour was relaxed – it ended up being a private tour for just the two of us.
Hernan was our guide and he could not have been more accommodating, kind and informative – he rearranged the schedule a bit so that we could visit the pisco winery on the way back.
He was impressively punctual, very professional and pushed us to the top of every queue so we never had to wait anywhere.
We really enjoyed the boat trip and the nature reserve, but obviously seeing the Nazca lines was a highlight.
The pilots were excellent – they really took the time to make sure that we all saw each of the designs from both sides of the plane.
We found the hotel in Nazca to be very nice – after an early start in Lima that morning we were so exhausted at that point that it wouldn’t have mattered much anyway.
There were a few restaurants and a bar with dreadful music but fantastic pisco cocktails just down the street.
Overall, we felt very well looked after and could not recommend this company more.
Wish we could do the whole thing again!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom.

“Great tour with Ramon”
We used Mystery Peru for a two-day tour of the Ballestas Islands, the Paracars natural reserve and Nazca and it was a pleasure to be driven around by our guide Ramon.
Ramon picked us up at 4 30 am from our BnB in Lima, and after picking up another traveler we set off towards Pisco to catch the 8 o’clock guided tour of the islands.
After that, we moved on to the breathtaking views offered by the Paracas reserve and then on to Ica for a tour of a Pisco distillery with plenty of samples included (beware!).
We then moved on to the oasis of Huacachina where we had lunch and climbed a few dunes in the scorching heat.
Finally, we drove to Nasca where we spent the night in preparation for an early flight over the lines the following morning.
Ramon then drove us back to Lima with a stop in Ica town archaeological museum.
It’s not my intention here to review all the wonderful things we saw, but rather to express how much we enjoyed the tour and our time with Ramon.
He is very knowledgeable and passionate about the area and great at explaining the historical and natural significance of the places you are visiting.
He also has a few interesting theories on alien interventions in the Nasca area worth checking out!
The two days were really packed and intense but totally worth it. Also thanks Ramon for your dulce de leche recipe, yummy!
Overall an intense, tiring but a totally rewarding tour of a unique part of the world, and we couldn’t have had a better guide!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Sydney Australia.

“2-week tour with Mystery Peru….absolutely the best”

We have just returned from the most memorable holiday in Peru. We wrote to Enrique Levano (the owner) in May this year with sites and places we wanted to see (of which there were many) and he mapped out an itinerary for us. I read a lot of reviews about various tour companies but stopped when I came across Mystery Peru.
Our holiday was faultless from the first day we were met at the airport to our departure on the 1 October. The knowledge of each tour guide was commendable. Most had excellent mastery of the English language to the extent they would tease us and tell the funniest of stories and jokes. Of course, we had our favorite guides and drivers with Hernan and Neelos (excuse spelling) at the top of the list giving us an amazing time at Paracas and the Nazca Lines. These two treated us like family, especially when I picked out of flying at the last minute and sobbed like a baby (previous accident in a helicopter) while my husband took the flight. I offered Hernan or Neelos the flight instead but both had just eaten a full breakfast. I was prepared to lose the airfare but Hernan, after consoling me with hugs, managed to get a partial refund.
The praise and respect I have for these two people is endless.
Of course, Machu Picchu is everyone’s highlight.

Mystery Peru kept me well occupied and safe for three days with tours and transfers while my husband hiked the Inca trail (4d/3n). He left the hotel room at 4 am the morning of the trek and I had no communication with him until we rendezvous at MP and have to say I was anxious for him as he was twice the age of the other 6 hikers. Enrique had organized for Geoff to trek with Llama Path with Flavio as the guide. Geoff had totally bonded with the group when I saw them together and it was with a heavy heart when he bade them farewell. The 10 porters were the fittest men Geoff had ever seen and were well worth the hefty tip each one of them received from the group with the cook receiving double as the food was 5 star and in copious quantities. Not one hiker fell ill which is a testament to the good hygiene practices llama Path maintain.
We chose hotels that were 3 stars (Peru standard) mainly because we literally only slept there.

The standard varied according to ‘remoteness’. All rooms were clean and well maintained and well supported by luggage porters to assist especially when the altitude slowed us down a bit. We only experienced one hiccup when we were reallocated to a different hotel by the local agency operating in the area.

We were told by that agency’s guide that Enrique knew of this which I knew to be incorrect because he had only spoken to us the night before in Arequipa.

I was disappointed and informed Mystery Peru staff. We received a very apologetic phone call from Enrique for the sequence of events and as we had thought he was not aware of the changes. Although it was not his fault, he wanted to make amends and gave us a fabulous complimentary dinner in Cusco and lunch at MP at Sanctuary Lodge (wow) following our private tour which he also arranged for us instead of the group tour.
I could go on and on about Enrique and his team and the memories they have left us with.

If like us, a trip to Peru is on your Bucket List, then you must get in touch with Enrique, owner of Mystery Peru and say Sue and Geoff sent you.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Chicago, USA.

“Amazing trip from Lima to Huacahina Oasis/Pisco”

My wife and I had a great experience with Mystery Peru while in Lima this past week. I emailed them only a few days before our trip to Lima and one of their representatives, Enrique, was very prompt in responding and getting us signed up for a full day trip from Lima to Huacachina Oasis and Pisco.

Our guide Hernan picked us up at our hotel in Miraflores, Lima on time and we got to do this tour on our own which was a pleasant surprise. After a very comfortable three hour drive to the Ica region, the tour started with a trip to the local Ica museum where Hernan gave us insight into the local indigenous people there that existed before the Incas and showed us an exhibit with replicas of the famed Nazca lines including a brief history of their significance/creation. Hernan was very knowledgeable.

We then proceeded to the Huacachina oasis for a sand buggy/sand-boarding experience. The oasis was beautiful and we had a blast on the hour long sand buggy ride and had plenty of time to slide down the dunes on the sand boards provided.

After that, the tour company had arranged lunch for us at a local restaurant along the oasis and suggest some local cuisine to try which was delicious. Our last stop of the day was at the town of Pisco where the eponymous favorite Peruvian spirit of Pisco is made. We were given a tour of one local operation and learned everything on how Pisco and other products were made on sight. The highlight was a full tasting of the different varieties they had available. We picked up a couple of bottles to take home with us since they were so delicious.

After Pisco, we had a comfortable ride home to Lima. Through the entire trip, our guide Hernan was very informative about all the sights we saw and about Peru in general. He really made the trip a great experience with his sense of humor and passion for his country. We highly recommend using this company and be sure to ask for Hernan if possible! Peru is an amazing place and this tour was a great way to see a lot in one day.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Chicago, Illinois.

“Trustworthy can accommodate high demand clientele”

We asked for a full care, 2-day trip from Lima to Nasca and back. Since my Verified-by-Visa 3 credit cards did not do the transaction for $1,300 – the only way to pay was a wire transfer. So, I took the chance with Mystery Peru. From that moment you cannot get your money back. So, I was somewhat jittery. But the representatives showed up at our hotel to the minute.

The car was comfortable and reasonably spacious. The guide Ernand was super-attentive, accommodating, and with good English skills.
The driver Manuel was confident and skillful. I was very interested in the mystery of Nasca Lines and wanted to ensure the overflight not only over Nasca but also over Palpa lines. Sometimes due to air traffic, fog, and strong winds the flights were canceled in the past, so the owner Enrique Levano agreed to charter the plane for me for two days at no extra charge – just in case the first day would be to no avail.
Since the Cessna was all to myself I was able to change the standard flight Plan to my special interests. Pilots agreed and what a whole hour flight it was!
The pilot’s finger pointed to each geoglyph in the desert. Although they rolled the plane almost vertically to direct view straight down to the lines – I never felt I am lining to my side due to their great skill to keep the down-force always along my spine. Enrique has reserved for us the best hotel in town – Casa Andina.

Unfortunately, a close-by house had a bunch of pheasant roosters in heat. They screamed all night long. My wife complained to Ernand, and he relayed the problem to the boss. Without expecting much on this nuisance suddenly Ernand announced that our visit to the private Antonini Museum will be free of charge and as a special bonus, I got to see the lines up-close and even get there on foot. Plus, Enrique let us use the car and crew all day to our liking.

On the way from Lima we stopped at a beautiful Oasis with a great restaurant. I felt Enrique is a very respected man among local authorities and that made us feel comfortable and protected some 400 mi away from Lima. On the way back Ernand got us to a great resort at Paracas, 8km off the Pan-American Road.
What a restaurant he has recommended! The fish gets there right from the boat we could see from the beautiful terrace along with the Ocean and far islands.
The next stop was half hour later for real the European coffee and out-of-this-world pastries. (We had such only in Avignon in France and at St. Marten island)
Great trip, great care.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Toronto, Canada.

“Mystery Peru Rocks”

We went to Peru early just to see the Nasca (OK, is it Nasca or Nazca; even the Peruvians didn’t agree on that) Lines and they didn’t disappoint.
We used Mystery Tours for a Lima airport pickup and for the Nasca Lines Tour.

Enrique Levano was unbelievably fast in responding to my many emails and we were really pleased with our two-day Mystery Tour of the Nasca Lines.
Their tour guide, Leo, was one of the best guides we have had on any vacation ever.
He even hooked up a last-minute tour to Cahuachi, a site close to Nasca we had seen on the Discovery Channel, and it was awesome.
I highly recommend Mystery Peru. Combine that with a great driver, Nilo, and we had a winning combination. Bravo, Mystery Tours!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

“Mystery Peru 2 day tour”
My wife and I recently visited Peru and for the last part of our visit booked the 2 day Mystery Peru tour to Ica, the Sand Dunes, Pisco tour and the flight over the Nazca lines.
The tour, locations, and general sightseeing were all very interesting and enjoyable. Peru is a fascinating country.
But we especially want to comment on our guide, Hernan Pacora. He was excellent.
He picked us up at our hotel in Lima and proceeded to share with us his knowledge and love for his country over the next 2 days.
When 1 of our first scheduled stops was backed up for a couple of hours, he advised, and we agreed, to visit some other fascinating locations not even on the itinerary so we didn’t have to waste time waiting in line for a couple of hours.
His knowledge about everywhere we went, including those places not on the scheduled tour, was superb.
He took the time to make sure our experience at every place we visited was satisfying as it could be.
He made sure we didn’t have to wait any longer than necessary at any of the sites we visited.
When we had a problem with our hotel the last night of our visit before our flight back home, he went way over and beyond to get us to the airport in plenty of time to make our flight.
Meeting and sharing our last couple of days in Peru with Mr. Pacora left us with a great memory of his country.
We highly recommend him to anyone visiting Peru.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Vancouver Island, Canada.

“Huacachina Oasis and Ballestas Island”
The Mystery Peru two day/one night trip to Ica, Huacachina, Ballestas Island and Paracas Reserve far exceeded my expectations and was worth every penny.
We had private transport from Lima and I could not say enough positive things about our driver Ricardo.
Although he did not speak English, and we did not speak Spanish, we were able to communicate.
He was very attentive to our needs and always ensured we got to the right place.
For every activity, we had an English speaking guide but Ricardo remained with us throughout the time.
He really made the trip! He’s an excellent driver with a great sense of humor.
The activities were also fantastic and showcased the many attributes of Peru.
This was a great experience and I would highly recommend this company! And request Ricardo as your driver.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Michigan, USA.

“Happy customers”

We took two trips with them and both were an amazing experience. Enrique, our consultant, was very patient with us, wrote back to every e-mail, answered every question. Everything was well organized, we had the best guides we could ask for. Our first trip was Paracas and Nazca Lines. Hernan was our guide and he’s very informative, he loves what he’s doing and you can tell that it’s not his job, it’s his passion, we felt very safe with him and it was a pleasure to meet him. I told my husband, that if my dad was a Peruvian tour guide, I imagine him as Hernan:)
The second trip was a Homestay at Lake Titicaca. Amazing experience, again great organization and guide. We got a chance to see the floating islands (Uros) and actually get on them, you can see them moving. The homestay is on Amantani Island with the family living there. You can bring some gifts to them, such as rice, sugar etc. There are some activities provided, but unfortunately, I got the altitude sickness, so I couldn’t enjoy them, as much as the others did. Overall I can say only good things about this company. Very recommended!

Mystery peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Santa Monica, California.

“Day tour of Lima Museums: Larco and the Museum of Archeology, Anthropology & History.”
I wanted an English speaking guide and transportation, to these two museums and Mystery Peru came through for us.
We also asked that they reverse the order of the museums so we could finish at Museo Larco and enjoy the beautiful restaurant in their garden.
They were happy to accommodate and our guide even arranged a cab for us to return to Miraflores after lunch.
Both museums were excellent, and I recommend them both together, too.
Our guides at both were terrific and very knowledgeable.
Mystery Peru did a great job for us, it worked out perfectly!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from London, UK.

“Great Experience | Paracas Reserve, Huacachina Oasis & Nazca Lines with Mystery Pery”
I am reading some of the previous reviews, and it is hard for me to believe what is written. We did a one day trip with Mystery Peru Paracas, Huacachina and Nazca from Lima. From the moment I booked this trip Enrique the owner was extremely helpful and answered all my questions and emails.
In the morning of our Day Tour | Ramon | our tour guide came on time to pick us up at the Hotel. Even though he has been in the hospital the day before and in pain, with sedation still in the system he was more than happy to explain to us how our day will go, the history of some of the places we will visit and facts about Peru and the Amazon. He is from the jungle, and his stories were amazing.
I am extremely grateful for the effort he put into that 12 hours of the trip. Enrique sent us a driver as well. So was the two of us the driver and Ramon the English speaking guide.
As we reached Paracas to visit the Ballestas Islands the port was closed because of a previous day sea storm.
The port will not allow anyone to go out so Ramon and Enrique decided we should do the Dune Buggies, the sand boarding and visit Huacachina Oasis all this was not on our list as I was not a buggy sand experience person. But we said well why not. We drove a little more. We got there Ramon said we should stay up front so we did :)) Boy what an experience this was.
My husband and I would not change it for the world. It was amazing. I recommend to anyone doing this. We were there in the morning we saw these amazing dunes in their beauty the driver of the buggies takes you over this dunes and then he stops you can come off the car and admire the beauty of this place it is breathtaking.
The sand boarding was amazing. Ramon waited for us over an hour till we were back then off to Nazca we went.
Nazca was amazing as soon as we got there we went to the plain and we flew over the lines.
Pleasant 20 plus minutes flight I think was close to 32 -35 minutes with the taking off and landing.
Our very good lunch was included at one of the restaurants on the main streets of Nazca small city that was extremely beautiful.
The food is very tasty in Peru I recommend trying as much as we can from the local dishes.
After lunch, we were on our way back. The drive was nice and we saw the sunset over the desert.
I want to thank especially Ramon for the amazing day he offered us and especially for the effort he made that day in the condition he was and all the stories he shared.
Also Enrique for answering all my emails and doing exactly what he said he would.
Paying for the tour is done solely through the Visa form. I paid and had no issues with the payment or the card.
I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a very good English guided tour and a company that will answer all the questions and be on time.
Thank You Mystery Peru and especially Thank You Ramon.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Toronto, Canada.

“Mystery Peru Excursion To Nazca – Awesome”

Peru is an incredibly beautiful and interesting country, one that you need to visit several times. On my most recent trip to Peru, I booked a 2-day, 1-night excursion with Mystery Peru. All arrangements were made online and via e-mail from Canada. Our trip took us from Lima to Nazca and back and we were extremely pleased with how everything turned out. Mr. Enrique Levano was prompt in responding to all of my emails and answered all of my questions clearly. A guide and a driver were waiting for us at our hotel in Lima, promptly at 8 am as planned, in a brand new car (literally!) which was, needless to say, clean and comfortable. Our guide spoke excellent English, the driver was able to make himself understood and a welcome bottle of water was given to us.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Toronto, Canada.

“Ruins of Pachacamac and Nazca Lines”
Our excursion included a visit to the Pachacamac Ruins which was an amazing site. Although we had been in Peru before, we hadn’t visited this ruin, and it is a must-see.
A little further along we stopped for lunch (I will admit the food was a little disappointing) at a Pisco winery where we learned about this awesome wine brandy and were able to sample many different varieties! There is nothing better than Pisco Sour! Onward to the sand dunes where we had the dune buggy ride of our lives – thrilling! (Imagine me and my 80-year old mother racing through the desert in a dune buggy!) That evening we wandered around the town of Ica. Our hotel that was clean and comfortable.
Our driver picked us up from the hotel to take us to the Nazca airport. The flight over the Nazca Lines was truly one of the highlights of our excursion Fascinating, bewildering, beautiful. We still ponder how and why they were created. After all these years, the Nazca Lines remain intact and well preserved. Difficult to photograph from the plane – enjoy the ride and buy a book afterward. The ride back to Lima was comfortable. Our driver was excellent – we felt very safe.
At all times our driver and guide were polite, prompt and helpful. I would absolutely book another excursion with Mystery Peru and highly recommend them to travelers in this most beautiful country.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from San Francisco, California.

“Nazca Lines Tour from Lima by Bus. 2 Days Program.”

I had a wonderful time on this trip. I purchased this package from the Mystery Peru website, corresponding with the owner, Enrique Levano. Enrique was prompt in his reply and very helpful in answering the questions I had.

The trip started with Neilo picking me up at my Lima hotel. Nielo was polite and helpful but had limited English (but I knew a very little Spanish and that helped). He drove me to the Cruz Del Sur bus terminal, he got my ticket and stayed with me until I got on the right bus. The bus to Nazca is an 8-hour ride. Enrique arranged for a front row seat on the top deck which was nice as I could see the road ahead. The seats were wide and comfortable with a good recline – like business class seats on an airline. Lunch is included with the ticket. You can also buy drinks and snacks from the attending steward or stewardess. Though a long ride, I had a great time as I met fellow travelers and I had some very interesting conversations.

At Nazca I was met by Oscar who is a great guy. It was late; the bus arrived at 9:30 pm, and Oscar took me to a nice chifa for a quick dinner. Enrique had arranged for me to stay at the Casa Andina Nazca hotel, a nice and new hotel, very quiet, I had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning Oscar picked me up, and we headed the MariA Reich Aerodrome for the flight over the Nazca lines with Nazca Travel Air. It was a great experience, and I loved it. It is a bit like a roller coaster ride as the pilot made steep banks so that both sides of the plane gets a good view of each line. It made some people on the plane queasy. If you don’t like getting on a roller coaster, this is not for you. Though to see the lines and to have the experience … it is worth it.

After the flight, Oscar took me to the Chauchilla necropolis, and that was amazing. The drive there through barren terrain and stark landscape was awesome. The necropolis and restored cemeteries were great. Oscar guided me through the cemetery with helpful and knowledgeable commentary.

Finally, Oscar dropped me off at the bus terminal for me to catch my bus back to Lima and more interesting conversations with fellow travelers. At Lima, I was met by Neilo, and he took me back to my hotel.

Its a great hassle free package for someone like me: new to Peru, limited time and set agenda, with virtually no Spanish skills.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Toronto, Canada.

“Fabulous experience”
We highly recommend Mystery Peru! My husband and I pre-booked (Lima city and museum tour for our first day in Lima) online at home (Canada), which was very easy. Of course, I was a little apprehensive booking online because one never knows what to expect.
Well… it exceeded our expectations. We were picked up at our hotel in Miraflores on time and started the city tour.
Our guide was professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. We even enjoyed an authentic delicious Pisco Sour in a traditional bar.
We then went to Alfresco restaurant, which was superb! The food was delicious and beautifully presented. The ceviche was outstanding.
Our tour package included lunch, but this was delightfully beyond our expectations! And, much to our surprise, Enrique, the owner met us there and suggested that we leave the museums for another day to maximize the experience. I wasn’t sure, but he was absolutely spot on. After such a wonderful meal, we just wanted to relax. Enrique personally organized a taxi and accompanied us to our hotel.
He is professional, engaging, enthusiastic, and extremely experienced in the Peruvian travel industry.
When we returned to Lima a week later, I sent him an email asking whether it was possible to switch the museum for a Pachacamac tour the very next day. He quickly responded that it would be no problem. So, we enjoyed another fantastic stress-free day in Lima! Great experience!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from London, UK.

“Excellent service, knowledgeable guides”

Mystery Peru organized 3 tours for us from Nazca town (Nazca lines, Cerro Blanco and Pampas Galeras)… all of them very enjoyable, with great service and knowledgeable guides.
The Nazca lines flight was very good and not bumpy or too “acrobatic”, as the wings had some pointers which allowed us to focus where to see and therefore avoid the need for the pilot to move the plane in extreme positions. As far as we knew, Mystery Peru uses only airlines that have the best record and without accidents.
Cerro Blanco is awesome. Huacachina is more popular, but Cerro Blanco is more impressive and is the highest dune in the world (and is also on the top of a mountain). It takes about an hour to climb to the top (walking uphill on sand), but the views are amazing and the dunes are practically for yourself! (only 2 more tourists were there)… we started the tour at 4am when we were picked up and finished by 11.30am back at the hotel.
Also, Pampas Galeras was a very different and special experience. It is amazing how in such a short time (about 1-hour drive), we were already higher than 4000mts and could see vicunas and guanacos! (related to alpacas and llamas).
As mentioned in some other reviews, hotels in Nazca are not great, but that is not Mystery Peru’s fault… in general, everything that depended on them went great and we fully recommend them… very well organized and very professional!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Miami, Florida.

“Awesome Experience
Wow! Just returned from a three-week tour of Peru. The geography is breathtaking, the culture and history fascinating and the people friendly.
As a member of the South America Explorer’s (SAE) Club, I asked the manager of the Lima clubhouse for a recommendation on Mystery Peru Tours.
He gave them an excellent review and we were not disappointed.
Enrique Lévano is the owner/operator of Mystery Peru. This company offers professional service with some of the best prices of any tour company in Peru.
Our group of five did a package in the Nazca area which included a boat tour of the Ballestas Islands, guided tour of Paracas National Reserve, Huacachina Oasis dune buggy ride, a tour of Chauchilla Cemetery, a tour of Pisco vineyard and the flight over Nazca Lines.
Through Mystery Tours, we also hired a van and driver to take us from Nazca to Arequipa.
Opting for the flexibility to start and stop at our discretion.
We didn’t arrive in Arequipa until after dark, which is why my friends didn’t notice that their expensive digital camera had slid under the driver’s seat.
It was about half-an-hour after we settled into our hotel in Arequipa that my friends noticed their camera was missing.
Since we knew our driver, Sandro was not staying overnight in Arequipa we thought their chances of seeing their camera again was pretty slim.
Once we realized it was missing we gave Enrique a call and within the hour Sandro double backed and returned to our hotel with camera in hand.
We were so impressed. That’s what I call service.
If you are looking for a reliable, locally owned and knowledgeable travel agency look no further – Mystery Tours will not disappoint.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Montgomery, Alabama.

“Mystery Peru”- Paracas Reserve and the Nazca Lines 2-day tour”
The Mystery Peru 2 day trip to Ica, Huacachina, Ballestas Island, Paracas Reserve, and Nazca Lines was really an excellent experience.
We had a private car from Lima and our driver Ricardo, who took an amazing care of us.
He had not only great driving skills, making sure we were safe and always on time (though it was not easy because we like to take lots and lots of pictures), but even better human skills, as he made us feel like we were his close family 😉
Ricardo was trying to help us with all our needs and took us to great local restaurants where we could try some of the best Peruvian dishes!
Although he almost did not speak English, we barely noticed it.
During the excursions on Ballestas Islands and Paracas Reserve, we had great English-speaking guide Alesio, as well as English-speaking guides during the winery visit in Ica and the flight over the Nazca Lines.
The whole trip was a wonderful experience, we highly recommend it.
And don’t forget to request Ricardo as your driver!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

“2-days trip from Lima: Paracas, Ballestas Island, Ica and Nazca”

I found this package quite expensive (about 450 USD per person) but in the end, I feel that it was worth it, compared to all the hustle and difficulties we have avoided if doing this trip on our own.
First of all, it turned out to our surprise that there was nobody else on the trip – just me and my wife, so we had a private 2d tour with a driver.
Our driver – Hernan – was a very friendly and nice person, we felt all the time he was doing his best to make our trip better and more comfortable.
Hernan is fluent in English and knows a lot of stories and history of Peru and all the places you are going to visit.
Moreover, he is a great car driver, which is very important in Peru! First day of the trip we did a 2h boat tour (with about 10 ppl on the boat) to Ballestas island (great wild nature, birds, penguins, sea lions etc), then Hernan took us to Paracas reserve (amazing views, cliffs, etc.) and then for a lunch in a local restaurant with tasty seafood.
Around 1-2pm. we left for the Huacachina oasis in Ica.
There we decided to go for the sand dunes ride with a Rover and sand dunes board sliding (this was optional, 20 USD/pp.)
A lot of adrenaline, super fast ride and then incredible board sliding (the longest dune was over 150m down!).
Then, around 3-4 pm we departed from Ica to Nazca, stopping by the Metallic tower to view 2 of the Nazca Lines from a close distance.
At around 6 pm we arrived in Nazca (the hotel was great and included in the trip). Next day Morning Hernan drove us to the airport.
Here, again to our surprise, we had a private flight tour with a small and comfortable Cesena over the Nazca lines.
It was amazing, and I really mean it. After the flight, we departed back towards Lima, stopping for a lunch in a winery in Ica (incl. wine tasting).
Then we continued back to our hotel. We arrived back at around 7 pm. Our general impression after the trip: it was expensive, but we have seen A LOT during these 2 days.
Doing this on your own would cost you much more time and nerves.
In Peru it is very difficult to communicate in English, moreover, the public transportation system is very poor.
Therefore, the easiest option for us was this tour. Gustavo (the contact person from Mystery Peru) always answered all our emails very quickly, and he speaks good English.
All the fees for entries, taxes, flights (except for the sand dunes) are covered in the price. If you decide to go for this tour, request Hernan as the driver & the tour guide – he is really professional and friendly!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from San Mateo, California.

“Amazing 2-day tour of Band of holes, Huacachina oasis, and Nazca”

This tour was a little pricey but well worth it! we had a private driver take us on a 6-hour drive from Lima to Nazca. we drove along the Pan-American highway, explored the band of holes, ate at a pisco distillery, and stayed at a lovely hotel in Nazca the first day. the net day we flew over the Nazca lines and explored the Huacachina Oasis. Our driver, Ricardo was friendly and helpful. he showed us many little things along the way, including the palpa lines. We were very impressed!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Orlando, Florida.

“A must see if you are interested in the Nazca lines”
I have been fascinated by the Nazca lines since I was a child so this excursion was a no-brainer once I decided to visit Peru.
The only way to do this trip is with Mystery Peru. You pay a substantial fee for 1 day that is spent mostly in the car, but when you consider the other options, this is well worth it.
The guide and driver collected us promptly at 5 am but unfortunately we were stuck in traffic on the Pan American highway for 1.5 hours due to an accident. However, we made it to Nazca and our guide took care of all the arrangements.
The plane ride was only 30 minutes and it’s hard to get good photos, but any postcard that you buy would be better than the photos you take, so I recommend to just sit back and enjoy the flight.
I do not suffer from motion sickness but took half a Dramamine just in case.
The pilot had to bank very steeply in order for us to see the lines, so if you suffer from motion sickness, you should definitely take some medicine prior to the flight.
I would have loved to stay up there longer but it’s not permissible.
Expect to wait 45 minutes or so for your flight. Mystery Peru then took us to a restaurant in town for a delicious 3-course lunch, before our drive back to Lima.
Even though we were delayed 1.5 hours in the morning, we managed to make it back to Lima by 10 pm (only 1 hour later than planned).
Our driver was very efficient, and the guide was very interesting to talk too.
If you don’t know about the Nazca lines then you may not find this worth the money, but for anyone who has dreamed of seeing these, then the Mystery Peru tour is the only way to go!
There are cheaper options, such as taking a bus to Nazca and spending the night in town, but this takes longer, and are vastly more inconvenient.
Our trip with Mystery Peru was effortless!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Miami, USA.

“Well worth it”
We used Mystery Peru twice – once for the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and again for Nazca/Ballestas Islands. Enrique made the booking process completely painless.
Gerson, our guide for Machu Picchu met us at our Cusco hotel and explained all the travel details.
The next day, taxi and train flowed smoothly, and we arrived at KM 104 to begin our hike. Gerson was professional, knowledgeable, and great at explaining the culture and history of the area. It was a moderately strenuous hike with some steep inclines. If you work out on a stairmaster regularly, you should be fine. Meals were included but were from the “tourist” menu. If you wanted anything extra, or adult beverages, it was on your own dime.
For Nazca/Ballestas, our driver Ricardo was extremely courteous but spoke very little English, and there was a bit of a language barrier with our limited Spanish.
Once we reached Paracas, we met up with our guide, Hernan. Hernan was great – extremely eager to share his country with us, explaining geography, history, culture, and traditions. He even purchased fruits from street vendors to give us a taste of the local cuisine. By the end of the trip, we felt like we were part of Hernan’s family.
This tour contains a LOT of driving, but luckily, it’s broken into 3 to 4-hour segments with fun activities in between. This particular route went Lima – Paracas/Ballestas – Huacachina – Nazca (overnight) – Pisco – Lima. Meals/drinks were not included in this tour, but Hernan gave wonderful recommendations.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from London, United Kingdom.

“Mystery Peru: 3-day tour to the Nasca lines”

We booked a three-day tour for the end of our stay in Peru with Mystery Peru. I had good prompt communication with Enrique right from my early emails several months before our visit. He was full of information and reassured me about my concerns with the flights over Nasca. He was never pushy but just provided me with suggestions and the knowledge I needed.
From the moment our tour began which was right on time, we were so well looked after by everyone and especially felt in very safe hands with Sandro who drove us everywhere for the full three days. He is such a good driver and got us where we always needed to be on time. Even when our schedule was delayed because of the boat trip to the Ballestras islands running late due to weather conditions, he still got us to our flight on time.
In Paracas we learned so much from Lucio who we thought was an excellent guide and managed to make sure we got to the Ballesteros Islands even when it was looking unlikely.
He went out of his way to take us to watch sea lions and penguins at the Paracas reserve the day before in case the boat would not run the next day.
Leo gave us a great deal of information on the Nasca lines and we were very impressed with the Chinese restaurant he took us to in Nasca.
My sons absolutely loved the dune buggy ride and said it was their favorite part of the trip.
I can’t thank Mystery Peru enough for making sure our flight over the Nasca lines was with a reliable safe airline as it made all the difference to the enjoyment of the experience.
We couldn’t believe the amount of care and attention we were provided with and feel that Mystery Peru’s local expertise is exceptional and would recommend them to anyone who is travelling to Peru.
It was such a well thought out tour.

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Hong Kong, China.

“Mystery Peru’s Nazca Lines 2-day tour – Excellent! Highly recommended”
Thanks to the good reviews on TripAdvisor, we joined Mystery Peru’s Nazca Lines 2-day tour and enjoyed it very much. It was supposed to be a group tour, but it turned out “private” as we were the only ones joining. I and my friend were taken care of by Nilo and Erna, our chauffeur and tour guide respectively. Both of them were very nice and friendly.
As we were going to visit many attractions in two days, we needed to set off very early in the morning. Nilo and Erna were very punctual and picked us up from the hotel in Lima at 4:30 am.

Fortunately, it took about 3.5 hours to get to the pier to Island Ballestas, so we could rest in the car. We took a speedboat together with some other tourists to tour around Island Ballestas. We could not get onto the island but watch the birds, sea lions, penguins and dolphins etc from the boat. It was worth visiting as you could watch them in a pretty close distance, very beautiful. The boat ride took about 1 hour.

Then, we visited Paracas Reserve and Red Beach before having lunch in a Spanish restaurant. Erna introduced and ordered food for us, very yummy!
Afterward, we did wine tasting, buggy drive and sand boarding – super fun! After an hour’s drive, we arrived at Casa Andina Classic Hotel, Nazca. It was very basic, but okay to stay a night.
The next day we went to Nazca Lines. As it was a bit overcast in the morning, we waited till about 10 am to take off. The flight was about 30 mins which were steady and safe. We enjoyed it very much as we could see the lines/patterns very clearly from the plane. After lunch in Nazca, it took 6 hours to drive back to Lima. The tour was very well organized. Highly recommended!

Mystery Peru ReviewsMystery Peru Reviews from Vancouver, Canada.

“Full day tour of Lima City with buffet lunch and Pachacamac Ruins – Callao Port”
This tour was pre-arranged for a group of 20 individuals cruising around South America aboard the Carnival Splendor visiting Lima for the day.
We were met at the gate of Callao Port at the set time.
The bus was new and full size allowing much room for all of us, very comfortable! We first drove to Playa major (central town square) visited the city hall, main church and catacombs followed by some free time for shopping. We then had a short walk to a great buffet lunch at “La Muralla Restaurant” located beside the “Rio Rimac” river. Great lunch, enjoyed a variety of local food, well prepared, good service.
We then drove to the ruins enjoying the scenery and neighborhoods of Lima.
The ruins were interesting but spread out over a large area, which we toured by bus and with some walking, great location with a beautiful view of the ocean.
On our return trip we drove through Miraflores with a stop at the Park of Lovers.
This was a well organized, busy and interesting day, our guide was very knowledgeable and his English was very good.

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