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Welcome to Nazca Lines Flights, your gateway to an extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage experience above the ancient enigmas!
Etched into the heart of Peru’s Nazca Desert, these ancient geoglyphs have captivated the world for centuries with their colossal figures and enigmatic symbols.

“Unearth the Mysteries from a Bird’s-Eye Perspective”

Real Destinations, Real experiences

We are excited to offer you an incredible opportunity to see one of the world’s most fascinating and mysterious wonders from the air.
Our scenic Nazca Lines Flights are the perfect way to experience these incredible ancient creations.

With over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures, and 70 animal and plant designs, the Nazca Lines are truly one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world.

“Why Travelers Choose This Tour”

Enhancing Your Flight Experience: Unveiling the Enigma – Nazca Lines Lecture:
To enrich your adventure, we offer an interesting lecture that unveils the origins and profound history of these enigmatic geoglyphs.
Learn about the momentous discovery of the Nazca Lines and the journey of early explorers who marveled at the colossal geoglyphs.
Explore how the lines’ existence was brought to the world’s attention, captivating the imagination of adventurers and researchers alike.

Experienced pilots: Our pilots are highly trained and experienced, with years of flying over the Nazca Lines under their belts.
You can trust them to provide a safe and comfortable flight, with insights into the history and mystery of the Nazca Lines.

Exclusive Bird’s-Eye View: Nazca Lines Flights offer an exclusive bird’s-eye view of the vast desert landscape and the remarkable figures etched into the earth.
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness these UNESCO World Heritage Site wonders from a unique vantage point.

Nazca Lines Airplanes: We operate modern and well-maintained planes that provide the optimal view of the Nazca Lines.
Our planes feature comfortable seating, spacious windows, and noise-cancelling headphones, ensuring your complete enjoyment of the flight.

Flexible scheduling: We offer flights throughout the day, so you can choose the time that works best for you.
We also offer private flights for couples, families, or groups, so you can enjoy the experience with your loved ones or friends.

Affordable prices: Our Nazca Lines flight offer comes at a competitive price, so you can enjoy this incredible experience without breaking the bank.
We also offer discounts for groups and special promotions throughout the year.
So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines ancient history, mystery, and natural beauty, then don’t hesitate to book our Nazca Lines flight offer.


Full Tour Description

Part I:
Our service begins with the pick-up of our clients from their hotel in the city of Nazca.
Then we drive to the airport, which is only 5 kilometers from the city center.

Upon arrival, our guide will give you a briefing about the Nazca Lines, including the most popular theories.
Our guide will give each participant a Nazca Lines Map that will help you to recognize the figures from above.

Before boarding the airplane, our pilot will provide safety instructions as well as tips to better enjoy the flight.
We fly over the desert in a small plane, which has 5 seats.
Each passenger has a seat next to the window, therefore you will enjoy a better view from the air.

The flight lasts 35 minutes, a time in which you will able to appreciate many drawings.
The pilot will fly the plane in circles over each figure.
First, we fly on the left side and then on the right side, giving passengers an equal opportunity to view each figure.

Part II:
Among the animals, we will see the representation of a whale, a monkey, and a dog.
Likewise, you will see various birds, such as a condor, a hummingbird, and a heron, as large as 3 soccer fields.

Perhaps the most striking figure of all, is the Astronaut, a strange creature with a large head and big eyes.
Unlike the other figures, the astronaut was drawn on a hillside and not on the surface of the desert.
Additionally, you will see hundreds of straight lines that crisscross the desert surface in all directions.

Eventually, our guide will take you back to your hotel.
End of our service.

Nazca Lines Flights Additional Information:

Driving to the Airport? Share Your Departure Time for a Seamless Experience:
If you’re planning to drive directly to the Nazca airport from Lima, Paracas, or Ica, we kindly request that you provide us with the necessary information.
This will enable us to calculate your arrival and ensure a seamless experience, ready to embark on this truly memorable flight.

Altitude Levels for the Classic Nazca Lines Flights:
At the airport in Nasca, our control tower designates two altitude levels for the Classic Nazca Lines flights.
The first flight level is set at 640 feet while the second level reaches 1140 feet over the Nazca desert ground.
The Nazca Lines themselves are situated at an altitude of 1860 feet above sea level.

Explore More Options – Flight Alternatives and Transportation Services:
Besides the city of Nazca, we offer alternative options for your convenience, including flights over the Nazca Lines from Pisco airport.
we can arrange your transportation by bus or private vehicle leaving from the city of Lima.
Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Click here to see all Nazca Lines Tour Packages from Lima.




  • Pick up from your hotel in Nazca and transfer to the airport.
  • Assistance led by an English-speaking local guide.
  • Nazca Lines Flight Tickets. (Airplane for 5 participants).
  • Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.


  • Airport Tax (S/. 30.00 per person)
  • Tourist Entrance Ticket, locally called Boleto Turístico (S/.47.00 per person).

Both taxes have to be paid prior to boarding the plane at the Nazca airdrome.

1° – Contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp to confirm the availability of your Nazca Lines Flight.
2° – Once availability is confirmed, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Names and Last names.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Body Weight:

3° – Proceed with your payment online through our web.
4° – Finally, receive confirmation via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Important: Nazca Lines Flights departures are subject to change.
They may change due to air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, and operational/maintenance requirements.
Bearing the in mind the bad weather in Nazca during August (misty and windy.) We cannot secure your departure time.
We might program your flight for 8:00 am, but if the weather is bad then you will have to wait until your turn arrives.


Book in advance:
The flights over the Nazca Lines are popular, so it’s best to book your tour in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

Plan your timing:
The best time to take a flight is in the morning when the skies are usually clearer and winds are calmer, providing better visibility of the lines.

Motion Sickness:
The small aircraft used for Nazca flights can be prone to turbulence, which might cause motion sickness for some individuals.
Consider taking motion sickness medication before the flight if you are sensitive to motion.

Eat lightly before the flight:
Some people might experience motion sickness during the flight due to the small planes flying at low altitudes.
Eating a light meal beforehand can help reduce discomfort.

Wear comfortable clothing:
Dress in comfortable clothes, as you might be in the air for about 30-40 minutes. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended for ease of movement.

Bring your original passport:
Don’t forget your passport, as you’ll need it for check-in.
Without the passport you will be not allowed on the plane.

Be prepared for turbulence:
The small aircraft we use for these flights can experience turbulence, so brace yourself for occasional bumps during the ride.
However, the pilots are experienced in navigating these conditions.

Limitations on Personal Items:
The aircraft used for Nazca flights are small, and there might be limitations on the size and weight of personal items you can bring onboard.

Tour Date Change Policy:
You have the flexibility to change the date of your tour with ease, provided that you make the request at least 7 days in advance.
No charges will be applied for rescheduling within this timeframe.

Cancellation Policy:
Should you decide to cancel your tour, please notify us at least 7 days before the scheduled tour date to avoid any significant charges.
In such cases, only an administration fee of 20% will be deducted from the total amount paid.

Last-Minute Cancellations:
We regret to inform you that last-minute cancellations are not accepted.
If a cancellation request is made within 7 days of the tour start date, the full charge for the tour will apply, amounting to 100% of the total cost.

No Shows:
In the event of a no-show, where a customer fails to appear for the tour without prior notice, a 100% cancellation fee will not issue any refunds.

Cancellation due to Weather Conditions:
In the event of bad weather conditions that prevent the Nazca Lines flight from taking place as scheduled, our policy states that we would reimburse 80% of the cost of the Nazca Lines Flight.

Here are some facts about Nazca Lines flights:

Aerial Perspective: The Nazca Lines are best appreciated from the air due to their enormous size and intricate designs. Flying over them provides a unique perspective that allows visitors to fully grasp the scale and complexity of the geoglyphs.

Flight Duration: The typical Nazca Lines flight lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the tour package you choose. This timeframe usually provides ample opportunity to view the major geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert.

Departure Point: The Nazca Lines flights depart from the town of Nazca. The airport is 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from the town center.

Small Aircraft: Due to the size of the geoglyphs and the need for precise viewing angles, the flights are conducted in small aircraft, such as Cessnas.
These planes can accommodate a small number of passengers, usually ranging from 3 to 12, depending on the aircraft’s capacity.

Safety Precautions: Safety is a top priority for Nazca Lines flights. The aircraft used for these tours undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they are in good condition. Pilots are experienced in flying over the lines and are knowledgeable about the area’s unique weather patterns.

Flight Restrictions: It’s worth noting that flying over the Nazca Lines is strictly regulated to protect these fragile archaeological treasures. The Peruvian government has implemented flight restrictions to minimize potential damage caused by aircraft. These restrictions include flight paths and altitude limitations.

Window Seating: To maximize visibility, most aircraft used for Nazca Lines flights have window seats for each passenger. This allows everyone on board to have a clear view of the geoglyphs during the flight. The pilot usually adjusts the plane’s position to give passengers on both sides of the aircraft a chance to see the lines.

Solo traveler?
No problem at all, as there is no minimum number of passengers for this aerial tour.
Solo travelers, couples, and small groups of travelers join other passengers on the plane.

Is it worth flying over Nazca Lines?
Taking a flight over the Nazca Lines is definitely worth it. The Nazca Lines are one of the most fascinating and mysterious archaeological sites in the world.
From above, you’ll be able to see all the major figures, including animals, plants, and geometric shapes, which are difficult or even impossible to see from the ground.
Moreover, the Nazca Lines are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and their precision and beauty are truly breathtaking.

Can you fly from Lima to Nazca Lines?
There are no direct flights from Lima to the Nazca Lines.
However, the nearest airport to the Nazca Lines is located in the city of Pisco, which is approximately 3 hours away from Lima by car.
Travelers who want to visit the Nazca Lines can take a bus or hire a private car from Lima to Pisco airport, and then take a flight from there to the Nazca Lines.

How much does it cost to see the Nazca Lines?
The cost of seeing the Nazca Lines can vary depending on the mode of transportation you choose and the duration of your flight.
On average, a standard 30-minute flight over the Nazca Lines costs around $100 USD per person.
This price includes transportation to and from the airport, a briefing about the Nazca Lines, and the flight itself.

Where do you fly for Nazca Lines?
The Nazca Lines are located in the Nazca Desert, in the southern region of Peru.
The nearest airport to the Nazca Lines is the Maria Reiche Neuman Airport, which is located in the city of Nazca.
The flight typically lasts around 35 minutes and allows visitors to see all of the major figures from above.

How do I get to Nazca Lines?
If you are traveling from Lima, you can take a bus or hire a private car to drive to   Nazca, which is about a 6-hour drive south of Lima.
Alternatively, you can also travel to the nearest airport in the city of Pisco, which is located 3 hours away from Lima, and take your flight taking off from there.

How long does it take to see the Nazca Lines by plane?
The time it takes to see the Nazca Lines can vary depending on the method of viewing chosen.
If you choose to take a flight over the Nazca Lines, the duration of the flight depends on the airport you depart from.
Flights from Pisco airport typically last around 90 minutes, flights from Ica airport last around 70 minutes, and flights from Nazca airport last 35 minutes.
However, it’s important to note that the total time to see the Nazca Lines also includes travel time to and from the airport, as well as time spent waiting for your flight and for any necessary safety briefings.

What is the weight limit for Nazca Lines flights?
The weight limits for Nazca flights can vary depending on aircraft being used.
Nazca airlines set a weight limit of around 220 pounds (100 kilograms) per passenger, including any luggage or personal items.
This weight limit ensure the safety of all passengers and also ensure that the aircraft remains within its weight and balance limits.

How can I see Nazca Lines without flying?
One alternative is to view the Nazca Lines from a viewing tower located near the Pan-American Highway.
This tower provides a panoramic view of three Nazca Lines and is located just a short drive from the town of Nazca.
Visitors can take a guided tour to the viewing tower and learn more about the history and significance of the Nazca Lines.
Finally, visitors can also explore the surrounding desert landscape by taking a guided tour.
This area is home to a variety of archaeological sites, including natural lookout points from where it is possible to observe some lines and figures.

Can I book a private Flight over the Nazca Lines?
Yes, you and your group will enjoy an exclusive and personalized service from our expert pilots.
We organize private flights over the Nazca Lines all year round.
During this flight you will be able to ask questions and request to focus on specific geoglyphs that interest you.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Can I extend my flight and also see the unknown Palpa Lines?
Yes, we can also arrange this complete flight over the Nazca and Palpa Lines.
This unique opportunity allows you to fly over this mysterious desert plateau for 1 hour.