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Welcome to our Tour to the Chauchilla Cemetery, one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Nazca.
This historic cemetery was once looted by grave robbers, but today it offers visitors a chance to see a series of tombs, skeletons, and ancient artifacts that tell the story of the ancient Peruvians.
Our travel agency offers exclusive private tours to Chauchilla, providing you with a personalized experience.

Our English-speaking guides are knowledgeable and experienced, taking you on a journey through time as you explore the tombs and artifacts of this ancient necropolis.
We provide good transport to ensure you arrive safely and comfortably.
Please note that we only offer private tours of Chauchilla, ensuring that you have a personalized experience that meets your needs and interests.
We believe that this approach provides the best way to truly appreciate the history and culture of this amazing place.
So, if you’re looking for an adventure that will take you back in time and immerse you in the fascinating history and culture of Nazca, Chauchilla is the perfect destination for you.
Contact us today to book your exclusive private tour and discover the secrets of this ancient necropolis.
We look forward to welcoming you to Nazca and showing you the wonders of Chauchilla.

Excursion to the Chauchilla Cemetery

Part I:

09:00 h. Our tour begins at your hotel; our local guide will pick you up from there.
Shortly after, we drive to the south of Nazca, following the Pan American Highway.

In the graveyard of Chauchilla, we will visit twelve tombs with mummy bundles.
The site is large, therefore we will follow a circuit, visiting the tombs one by one.

Among the tombs, we will find family graves, as well as small graves for couples.
Perhaps, the most bizarre of all is the long human braids, hanging on the walls.
Along the path, we will also find corpses of babies in small circular tombs.

Our guide will show you around and will provide information about this ancient culture.
Additionally, we will also visit a small room with well-preserved bodies and relics.

Part II:

After touring around Chauchilla, we will go back to the city of Nasca.

Once in Nazca, we will visit a ceramic studio where we will learn a bit about ancient Nazca art.
A craftsman will give us detailed information about the elaboration of making pottery.

Later on, we will visit a place where miners extract gold, using a rudimentary process.
At this spot, a local miner will make a short demonstration about gold extraction.
In addition, visitors can also buy souvenirs made of gold and other precious metals.

Finally, we will return to Nazca. Upon arrival, our driver will drop you off at your hotel.

End of the tour.


  • 10:00 h. Pick up from your hotel in Nazca.
  • Private transportation.
  • Visit the Chauchilla Graveyard.
  • Visit the Pottery Studio & Gold extraction zone.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees.
  • 13:00 h. Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.

  • Extras & Gratitude.

1° – Contact us via WhatsApp to confirm the availability of the tour you wish.
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  • Nationality.
  • Date of Birth.

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4° – Finally, receive confirmation via e-mail or WhatsApp.

  • We suggest wearing light clothing.
  • Bring sunblock, sunglasses and a hat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.

Change of Tour Date:
You can change the date of your trip at least 3 days of anticipation at no extra charge.

If you cancel your tour 48 hours before the tour begins, we will charge an administration fee of 20%.

No Shows:
100% cancellation fee.

Refunds are not issued due to inclement weather or any other problems caused by a third party.

Here are some facts about Chauchilla Cemetery:

Ancient Burial Ground: Chauchilla Cemetery is an ancient burial ground that dates back to the Nazca culture, which flourished between 100 BCE and 800 CE.
It was used as a cemetery for over 600 years.

Preservation: The cemetery is known for its remarkable preservation of mummified remains, artifacts, and pottery from the Nazca civilization.
The dry desert climate and the burial methods used by the Nazca people contributed to the exceptional preservation of the site.

Mummification: The Nazca people practiced mummification, and the bodies found in Chauchilla Cemetery are remarkably well-preserved.
The corpses were placed in a fetal position and wrapped in several layers of textiles before being buried.

Grave Desecration: In the past, the cemetery suffered from grave robbers who looted the tombs and stole valuable artifacts. As a result, many of the tombs were left empty or partially destroyed.
The site has been a target of archaeological theft and vandalism.

Open to the Public: Chauchilla Cemetery is now open to the public as a tourist attraction and an archaeological site. Visitors can explore the cemetery and view the mummies and artifacts that have been restored and put on display.

Tourist Facilities: The site has undergone some improvements to accommodate visitors.
There are pathways and fenced areas to protect the mummies, as well as informational signs that provide insights into the history and significance of the cemetery.

Iconic Features: The cemetery is known for its iconic tombs, which are small underground chambers made of adobe bricks. These tombs contain multiple mummies, pottery, textiles, and other burial offerings.

Cultural Significance: The artifacts and mummies found in Chauchilla Cemetery provide valuable insights into the funerary practices, beliefs, and daily life of the Nazca civilization.
They have contributed to our understanding of this ancient culture.

Restrictions: Due to the delicate nature of the site and the need for preservation, there may be restrictions on photography and physical contact with the mummies and artifacts. Visitors are advised to respect these guidelines to protect the historical integrity of the cemetery.

Where is the Chauchilla Cemetery located?
The Chauchilla Cemetery is located in the Nazca Desert, about 28 kilometers south of the town of Nazca in Peru.

What is the significance of the Chauchilla Cemetery?
The Chauchilla Cemetery is an ancient burial ground that dates back to the Ica-Chincha culture, which flourished between 1000 AD.
It is known for its well-preserved mummified remains and artifacts, providing insights into the burial practices and beliefs of the Peruvian people.

How old are the mummies found in the Chauchilla Cemetery?
The mummies found in the Chauchilla Cemetery are estimated to be around 1,000 to 1,500 years old.

What is the condition of the mummies in the Chauchilla Cemetery?
The mummies in the Chauchilla Cemetery are remarkably well-preserved due to the arid climate of the Nazca Desert.
The dry and sandy conditions helped in the natural mummification process, resulting in the survival of the mummies for centuries.

Can visitors enter the Chauchilla Cemetery?
Yes, visitors are allowed to enter the Chauchilla Cemetery.
There are guided tours available that provide information about the site and its historical significance.
However, it is important to respect the site and follow any guidelines or restrictions set by the authorities to ensure the preservation of the mummies and artifacts.

Are there any restrictions on photography or touching the mummies in the Chauchilla Cemetery?
Generally, photography is allowed in the Chauchilla Cemetery, but it is advisable to check with the tour guide or local authorities for any specific restrictions.
Touching the mummies is strictly prohibited to prevent damage and ensure their preservation.

How can I reach the Chauchilla Cemetery?
The Chauchilla Cemetery is accessible by road from the town of Nazca.
Visitors can either join guided tours that include transportation or hire a taxi or private vehicle to reach the site.
It is advisable to arrange transportation in advance and check the availability of tours or guides.

Are there any other archaeological sites to visit near the Chauchilla Cemetery?
Yes, there are several other notable archaeological sites near the Chauchilla Cemetery.
The most famous one is the Nazca Lines, a series of ancient geoglyphs etched into the desert floor.
Other sites include the Cahuachi Pyramids, the Cantalloc Aqueducts, and the Antonini Museum, which displays artifacts from the Nazca culture.

What should I bring or prepare for a visit to the Chauchilla Cemetery?
It is recommended to bring sun protection like hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses, as the Nazca Desert can be extremely sunny and hot. Comfortable walking shoes, water, and insect repellent are also essential.
Additionally, bring a camera for capturing the surroundings but ensure to respect any photography guidelines set by the authorities.