Tour to the Petroglyphs of Chicchitara

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Tour to the Petroglyphs of Chicchitara, an incredible archaeological site that offers a window into the fascinating history and culture of ancient Peru.
Along the route, we will stop at the Nasca desert to see from the top of a tower 3 Nazca Lines drawings.
Once in Chicchitara, you’ll discover a series of intricate carvings and rock art that date back thousands of years.
These petroglyphs depict a variety of subjects, from animals and plants to intricate geometric patterns and mysterious human figures.
Our expert guides will provide you with a wealth of information about the cultural and historical significance of these amazing artworks, and help you to understand the stories and beliefs that they represent.

In addition to the petroglyphs themselves, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Whether you’re an archaeology enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and complexity of the natural world, the Petroglyphs of Chicchitara are an experience you won’t soon forget.

So why wait? Book your tour today and discover the magic of this incredible archaeological site for yourself!

Tour to the Petroglyphs of Chicchitara

Part I: Observation Tower.

08:30 h. Our tour begins right at your hotel in Nazca, our guide meets you there.
The Petroglyphs of Chicchitara are located north of Nazca, around 50 km.
On the way, we will stop at the Mirador from where it is possible to observe some Nazca drawings.

From the tower, we will see the representation of a tree, a frog, and a lizard.
Besides the drawings, we can also see various geometric forms and many straight lines.
Later on, we keep driving north, passing the Ingenio Valley till reaching the zone of Palpa.

Part II: Geoglyphs of Palpa.

Once at the Palpa desert, we will take a detour to show you an amazing site.
Here, etched on the slopes of the hills there are various human representations.
Archaeologists believe these drawings are much older than the Nazca figures.

Many scholars attributed the creation of these human beings to the old Paracas Culture.
Although here there is also a tower, most of the drawings can be seen clearly from the ground level.
After visiting the site, we will drive to the town of Palpa where we will stop to buy some water.

Part III: Petroglyphs of Chicchitara.

To get to Chicchitara, it is necessary to follow the course of the river towards the Andes.
After some 10 kilometers, we will reach a zone known as “The Widow”, a point where we start our visit.
The complex of Chicchitara is made up of various small hills, full of large rocks overlooking the valley.

The carving rocks are spread on the slopes and at the top of the hills.
Our local guide will show you first a popular petroglyph known as the Rock of the 3 Ages.
Besides this interesting group of human carvings, here you will also see representations of animals.

Afterward, we will keep moving uphill to see another section where we will find more carvings.
It will be necessary to climb the hills to find the most spectacular petroglyphs.
Among the carvings, we will find a wonderful two-headed snake and an Andean Cat.

Further up, as we walk, we will stumble with many other petroglyphs.
Here you will find representations of birds, monkeys, llamas, foxes, and even geometrical forms.
Finally, we will leave Chicchitara and return to the city of Nazca.

End of the tour.


  • Pick up from your hotel in Nazca.
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  • English speaking guide.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.

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  • We suggest wearing light clothing (it is very hot in Chicchitara)
  • Bring sunblock, sunglasses and a hat.
  • Wear hiking shoes or comfortable shoes.

Change of Tour Date:
You can change the date of your trip at least 3 days of anticipation at no extra charge.

If you cancel your tour 48 hours before the tour begins, we will charge an administration fee of 20%.

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How far is Chicchitara from Nazca?
Chicchitara is located at the Palpa Valley, some 50 kms away from the city of Nazca.
The petroglyphs are situated at the upper section of the Palpa Valley, following the curse of a river.
From the town of Nazca it takes around 50 minutes by car to get there.

How old is Chicchitara?
According to archaeologists, the geoglyphs of Chicchatara were carved around 2000 BC.
It is an early expression from ancient inhabitants who lived in Peru long before the Incas.

How many petroglyphs we will see in Chicchitara?
The archaeological site of Chicchitara is very large, and the drawings can be seen almost everywhere.
On this tour you will see many of them, around 80 petroglyphs.