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Explore the Ancient Inca World

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Welcome to our exclusive 6 Days Travel Package, The Best of Cusco, a meticulously crafted journey that will captivate your senses.
Starting and ending in the city of Lima, this trip is meticulously designed to showcase the very best of Cusco.
With private local guides, comfortable accommodations, and good transportation, we ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Our adventure begins with a comprehensive city tour of Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire.
We visit the legendary Sacsayhuaman Ruins, where massive stone walls showcase the incredible craftsmanship of the Incas.

We continue our exploration with a visit to the enigmatic Qenko ruins.
Qenko is an ancient ceremonial site known for its intricate stone carvings and underground chambers.
The name “Qenko” means “labyrinth” in the Quechua language, which is fitting considering the maze-like rock formations found at the site.

Next, we stop by the ruins of Pukapukara, a fortress-like structure situated on a hilltop.
Its name translates to “Red Fort” in Quechua, referencing the reddish hue of the rocks that form the site.
Pukapukara served as a control point and checkpoint along the roads leading to and from Cusco.

Further up we visit Tambomachay, an Inca site that features finely crafted stone structures, including aqueducts, terraces, and baths.
Acoording to archaeologists, the site was used for ceremonial bathing, reflecting the importance of water in Inca culture.

To enrich our understanding of Cusco’s heritage, we will also explore the Qoricancha Temple.
Also known as Santo Domingo Temple, the Qoricancha is a magnificent example of the fusion between Inca and Spanish architecture.

Finally, we visit the Cusco Cathedral, which offers a chance to admire the colonial architecture and magnificent religious artworks.
The Cusco Cathedral is part of the Historic Centre of Cusco, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
It is recognized for its historical and cultural significance, representing the fusion of indigenous and European cultures.

On our third day, we visit the charming town of Chinchero, situated approximately 30 kilometers away from the center of Cusco.
Here, we have the opportunity to visit some of the remarkable highlights that define Chinchero’s allure, including the awe-inspiring Inca Ruins nestled in its main plaza and the vibrant textile community.

We also visit Moray, a site renowned for its unique features, beckons us with a series of colossal circular terraces that have puzzled researchers for centuries.
Some propose that these terraces served as amphitheaters, while others suggest they functioned as agricultural greenhouses, enabling the Incas to cultivate a variety of crops.
Each level of the terraces is believed to offer distinct microclimates, fostering optimal conditions for the growth of different types of tubers.

Next, we venture a few kilometers away to the Salt Mines of Maras.
Upon arrival in Maras, prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring vistas that unfold before you as our vehicle descends into the valley.
For photography enthusiasts, the Salt Mines of Maras present a feast for the eyes, with its breathtaking landscapes offering endless opportunities to capture unforgettable moments.

The next day, we venture into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a place of breathtaking beauty and cultural significance.
Our first stop is the awe-inspiring Pisaq Ruins, where terraces and ancient structures cling to the mountainside.

We then immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the Pisaq Indian Market, where local artisans display their traditional crafts.

Lastly, we visit the majestic Ollantaytambo ruins, a remarkable archaeological site that showcases the strategic military genius of the Incas.
After our exploration of the Sacred Valley, we embark on a scenic train journey along the Urubamba River, traversing picturesque landscapes towards our ultimate destination, “Machu Picchu”

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives as we step foot into the mythical city of Machu Picchu.
With a private guide at your side, you’ll embark on an in-depth exploration of this ancient citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Marvel at the architectural prowess of the Incas, the intricate stone structures, and the breathtaking views of the cloudforest.
Your guide will provide fascinating insights into the history, culture, and mysteries that shroud Machu Picchu.

We will take care of all the logistics, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on The Best of Cusco trip.
A remarkable five-day adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.
Book your journey now and prepare to be swept away by the magic of Peru.


Day 1º: Flight to the City of Cusco. Welcome to the Inca Capital. Overnight in Cusco.
Day 2º: Cusco City Tour. Visit the best attractions in and around Cusco. Overnight in Cusco.
Day 3º: Chincheros, Moray & Maras Salt Mines. Overnight in Cusco.
Day 4º: Tour to the Sacred Valley. Train to Aguas Calientes. Overnight in Aguas Calientes.
Day 5º: Tour to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Overnight in Cusco.
Day 6º: Flight back to Lima.



Day 1°: Flight from Lima to Cusco.
At the designated time our driver picks you up from your hotel in Lima.
Afterward, we drive to the airport to take the flight to Cusco.
The flight from Lima to Cusco lasts approximately 90 minutes.
Like many Andean cities, Cusco is situated at a high altitude (3300 m) therefore the weather is usually cold.
Upon arrival in Cusco, our guide meets you at the airport and then drives you to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Pick up from your hotel in Lima and transfer to the airport.
  • Flight tickets from Lima to Cusco.
  • Pick up from the Cusco airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 2°: City Tour of Cusco.

Part I: Inca Ruins around Cusco.
09:00 h. Our tour starts at your hotel in Cusco; our guide will pick you up from there.
Firstly, we visit the Inca Ruins of Sacsayhuaman, which is located around 4 km away from downtown.
Sacsayhuaman origins are uncertain; however, some scholars agree it was built for ceremonial purposes.
Later on, we will reach a mysterious Inca site known as Qenko.
Qenqo means labyrinth or zig-zag, perhaps named like this due to a series of canals carved on its main rock.
Afterward, we visit the Puka Pukara ruins, better known as the “red fortress,” due to their reddish stones.
Further up, we visit the ruins of Tambomachay, a site that springs crystalline water through fountains.
After that, you will return to the city center to visit the colonial site of Cusco.
Part II: Colonial Heritage of Cusco.
Once there, we will visit the temple of QoriKancha, also known as the Santo Domingo temple.
Coricancha was perhaps the most important religious building during the Incas heydays.
Eventually, we will visit the Cathedral of Cusco, which was built in the XVI by the Spaniards.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Entrance fees to the Inca Ruins and Colonial buildings.
  • Evening at leisure.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Classic Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 3°: Full Day Tour. Chincheros, Maras & Moray.

Part I – Visit the Chinchero Community and the Textile Workshop.
08:30 h. Our tour starts right at your hotel in Cusco, our guides will pick you up from there.
The beauty of the landscapes through this route involves amazing snowy mountains and agriculture fields.
Our first visit takes place at the small town of Chinchero, which is located 30 Kms away from the center of Cusco.
Once there, we visit the highlights of Chinchero, such as the Inca Ruins at its main plaza and the textile community.
In addition, we will also visit a little colonial church, which was built over the foundations of an Inca palace.
Later on, we will visit a textile workshop, where Andean women will show us ancient techniques of making textiles.
You will participate in a weaving demonstration and will learn firsthand how weavers turn alpaca wool into fine textiles.
Afterward, we will take our clients to a good local restaurant.
After lunch, we head towards the archaeological zone of Moray.

Part II – Visit to Ruins of Moray and the Salt Mines of Maras.
Moray owes its reputation due to a series of gigantic circular terraces, which were probably used as amphitheaters.
On the other hand, others believe Moray was a sort of agricultural greenhouses, used to increase types of crops.
Researchers believe each level offered different climatic conditions that allowed Inca farmers to sow different tubers.
Finally, we will head to the Salt Mines of Maras, which is located a few kilometers away.
As soon as we get in Maras, you will enjoy spectacular views from above, while our vehicle descent into the valley.
Once at the site, we will walk around the pools and will learn how Andean descendants extract the salt.
In addition, the site is highly recommended for photography lovers because of its impressive landscape.
After exploring the salt mines, we return to the city of Cusco.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Entrance fees to all Inca ruins.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Classic Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 4°: Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Part I: Pisaq Ruins & the local Andean Market.
08:30 h. Our Sacred Valley adventure starts right at your hotel in Cusco; our guides will pick you up from there.
Along the road, we will stop at the textile center of Awanacancha, a project dedicated to elaborate textiles.
During this short visit, we will see various types of Andean Camels, among them the Vicuñas and Alpacas.
Shortly afterward we head to Pisac, an important Inca citadel located high above the modern Pisac village.
Like many other important Inca buildings, Pisac also houses the Intiwatana, a ritual stone associated with the stars.
Following the itinerary, we walk down to the Pisac Market, which is located nearby.
Around the market, you will find musical instruments, ceramics, and many other handmade products.
Shortly after we visit a typical restaurant, in which we will enjoy good Andean gastronomy.

Part II: Inca Ruins of Ollantaytambo.
Finally, we will leave in the direction of the Ruins of Ollantaytambo.
Once at the ruins, we do a private visit to the most important sectors of Ollantaytambo.
After exploring the ruins, we go to the station to take the train to Aguas Calientes.
The train trip offers great natural sceneries, with many staggering views.
Upon arrival, our representative will collect you from the station and then escort you to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Machu Picchu *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • 07:30 h. Pick up from your hotel in Cusco. Sacred Valley Tour.
  • Private Bus transportation. (Group Service)
  • 12:30 h. Lunch buffet at the Sacred Valley.
  • English speaking guide & All entrance fees.
  • 16:00 h. Train tickets to Aguas Calientes.
  • 18:00 h. Pick up from the station and transfer to the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Machu Picchu *** (Twin standard room)

Day 5°: Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

Part I: Early bus towards the Sanctuary.
Early in the morning, our guide will pick you up from your hotel, and then we will take a small bus up to the citadel.
The bus ride takes around 25 minutes and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains along the way.
As Machu Picchu is the most iconic tourist attraction in Peru, we will provide a private tour of the citadel.
This personalized tour allows for in-depth explanations and ample time to immerse yourself in the history and beauty of the site.

Part II: Private Tour in Machu Picchu.
During our visit, we will explore the most important sectors of Machu Picchu.
Among the buildings, we will see the solar clock, the Sun Temple, as well as the mysterious Intiwatana.
Additionally, we will walk up to the lookout point of the citadel to enjoy a great view and take group photos.
After the tour, you will have free time to explore Machu Picchu on your own.
Later on, we will take the bus down to the village of Aguas Calientes, where you will have free time for lunch.
Before heading to the train station, you will also have some free time to shop around Aguas Calientes.
Eventually, we will go to the train station to take the train back to Cusco.
We will arrive in Cusco shortly after sunset, and upon arrival, our local driver will be there to receive you.
Enjoy your free evening. Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Early breakfast.
  • Entrance fees to Machu Picchu.
  • Guided tour in Machu Picchu.
  • Bus tickets down to Aguas Calientes village.
  • Train tickets back to Cusco. (Expedition Service)
  • Pick up from the train station in Cusco and transfer to your hotel.
  • Accommodation at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 6°: Flight back to Lima.
At the designated time, you will be picked up from your hotel and transfer to the airport.
The flight to the city of Lima takes approximately one hour and a half.
End of the tour.


  • Breakfast buffet the hotel.
  • Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the airport.
  • Flight ticket from Cusco to Lima.