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The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the Amazon department of Madre de Dios.
This Amazonian sanctuary has some of the wildest environments in the entire Peruvian jungle.
At the same time, it is one of the least impacted Amazon regions in the modern world.
Tambopata has a great diversity of habitats, ranging from extensive wetlands to large lakes.
It has one of the most biodiverse territories on the planet, with an extraordinary fauna.
The giant river otter, an endangered species, lives here, usually in lonely lakes.
Reptiles and the famous yellow-bellied piranhas also inhabit these zones.
It is also home to many types of monkeys, such as squirrel monkeys, tamarin monkeys, and dusky titi monkeys.
Traveling along the Tambopata River, we can find black caimans, Capibaras, Tapirs, Jaguars, and many other creatures.
At the same time, it houses a great number of birds, such as parrots, macaws, and toucans.
There are also scavenger birds and the harpy eagle which is considered the strongest raptor in the world.
A trip along the Tambopata River allows the traveler to encounter any of these birds.
Within Tambopata lives the native community Ese Eja, an ethnic group dedicated to hunting, fishing, and agriculture.
On the other hand, there are numerous medicinal gardens, which can be visited with guided tours.
Among the medicinal plants, stands out the popular Ayahuasca.
Ayahuasca is considered a powerful relaxant and is consumed mostly in rituals under the guidance of a shaman.
Tambopata National Reserve offers visitors a variety of lodges, which can be booked all year round.
There are definitely a lot of reasons to visit Tambopata, so do not miss this visit.”

Tour to Tambopata Rainforest