Tours in Puno

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The city of Puno is located in the highlands of Peru, on the shores of the majestic Lake Titicaca.
Puno was the cradle of great ancient civilizations, such as the Collas and Aymaras.
Around the region of Puno, we can find various pre-Inca structures, most of them made with carved stones.
Among them is Sillustani, an ancient necropolis with imposing tombs with the shape of an inverted cone.
Also known as Chullpas, they were built for the Colla elite and high priests around 1200 AD.
The towers of Sillustani are situated right on the shores of Lake Umayo, which offers stunning views of the reflected sky.
Without a doubt, the main attraction of Puno is the mythical Lake Titicaca and its many islands.
This immense lake has an altitude of 3812 meters and is considered the highest navigable lake in the world.
Lake Titicaca shelters an extraordinary fauna, made up mainly of birds, amphibians, and fish.
Its shores and small islands, such as Amantani and Taquile, are home today to many ethnic groups.
One of the most popular tours on Titicaca is the one that leads to the floating community of the Uros.
The Uros community is made up of an archipelago of islands inhabited by the direct descendants of ancient cultures.
Today it is possible to visit this community by boat and learn about its peculiar way of life, history, rites, and customs.
On the other hand, the city of Puno also offers mysterious destinations, such as the case of Aramu Muru.
Aramu Muru is an imposing carved rock, considered a portal that leads to other dimensions.
Legend has it that an Inca priest managed to open the portal with a golden disc and thus disappear while fleeing from the Spanish soldiers.
Come to Puno and live the magical experience of Titicaca, a destination that you cannot miss on your trip to Peru.”