Tour to the Ballestas Islands and Huacachina

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Experience the perfect blend of nature’s wonders and desert adventures on our full-day Tour to the Ballestas Islands and Huacachina Oasis.
Encounter fascinating wildlife on a boat tour to Ballestas Islands, followed by an unforgettable sunset dune buggy ride and sandboarding in the mystical Huacachina desert.

“Discover Nature’s Marvels and Desert Thrills: Embark on an Unforgettable Journey to the Ballestas Islands and Huacachina Oasis!”

Candelabra Figure, an Enigmatic Geoglyph
Marvel at the mysterious Candelabra figure etched into the sandstone cliffs of Paracas Bay.
An enigmatic geoglyph that leaves historians and visitors intrigued.

Boat Tour to the Ballestas Islands, Wildlife Encounters
Embark on an unforgettable boat tour to the Ballestas Islands, also known as “The Poor Man’s Galapagos.” Witness a diverse array of wildlife, including playful sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and an abundance of seabirds.

Huacachina Lagoon, Oasis Amidst the Desert
Discover an oasis nestled amidst towering sand dunes.
Take in the tranquil beauty of the lagoon, surrounded by palm trees, and enjoy a moment of relaxation in this surreal desert setting.

Dune Buggy Ride and Sunset
Feel the thrill as you embark on an exhilarating dune buggy ride through the mesmerizing desert landscape.
As the sun begins to set, witness a breathtaking view of the horizon painted in hues of gold and orange.

Sandboarding Adventure, Surfing the Dunes
Embrace the adventure and conquer the sand dunes on a thrilling sandboarding experience.
Slide down the sandy slopes and embrace the rush of adrenaline in this unique desert sport.

Tour to the Ballestas Islands and Huacachina

Tour Description

Part I: Boat Excursion around the Ballestas Islands.
04:30 h. Our trip starts right at your hotel in Lima. Our driver picks you up from there.
Then we leave from Lima early in the morning towards Paracas Bay.

The car ride to Paracas lasts about 3 hours.
Upon arrival in Paracas, we head to the local pier to take the boat tour to the Ballestas Islands.

During the excursion, you will see a design on the slope of the hill, known locally as The Candelabra.
Afterward, we will reach the Ballestas Islands, where you will see hundreds of marine birds.
These small Islands also shelter large colonies of sea lions, which are usually resting on the beaches.

In addition, you will see also groups of Humboldt penguins too, usually near their caves.
Afterward, we will get back to the mainland and will continue our trip to the Huacachina Oasis.

Part II: Huacachina Oasis & Dune Buggy Tour in the Desert.
Once in Ica, we drive into the countryside to visit a vineyard of Pisco.
After learning about the Pisco production, we will have a tasting session.

Later on, we continue towards the Huacachina Oasis.
Upon arrival in Huacachina Oasis, we will join a desert tour.
For this excursion, we use a dune buggy machine.

During the ride, we will make various stops along the way for photos.
There will be some points where you will have the opportunity to practice Sandboarding.

There are dunes suitable for the very beginners, as well as for professional sandboarders.
Additionally, we also experience a great sunset over the dunes.

After the tour, we return to the city of Lima.

End of the trip.

“Why Travelers Choose This Tour”

Unique Combination: This tour offers a perfect blend of diverse experiences in just one day.
From encountering rich marine life on the Ballestas Islands to indulging in thrilling desert adventures at Huacachina, travelers get to enjoy a unique combination of coastal wonders and desert thrills.

Nature and Wildlife Enthusiasts: Nature lovers are drawn to this tour for its close encounters with fascinating wildlife.
The Ballestas Islands’ abundance of marine species and the picturesque oasis of Huacachina surrounded by towering sand dunes are a paradise for those seeking a deeper connection with nature.

Adventure Seekers: With dune buggy rides and sandboarding on the desert slopes, adrenaline junkies find their thrill fix during this action-packed tour.
The exhilarating experiences amid the sandy landscape of Huacachina are an adventure seeker’s dream come true.

Scenic Beauty: Each destination boasts breathtaking views that appeal to photography enthusiasts and anyone seeking to immerse themselves in stunning landscapes. From the panoramic vistas of the Ballestas Islands to the captivating sunsets over the desert at Huacachina, the tour promises postcard-worthy moments.

Endemic Species: The Ballestas Islands harbor several endemic species, unique to this region and not found anywhere else in the world, making them of significant ecological importance.

Breathtaking Sunset: Huacachina’s sunset views over the desert dunes are legendary, casting a mesmerizing display of colors and creating a magical atmosphere.



  • 04:30 h. Pick up from your hotel in Lima.
  • Private transportation: Lima – Paracas – Huacachina – Lima.
  • 07:45 h. Arrival in Paracas.
  • 08:00 h. Boat excursion to the Ballestas Islands.
  • 10:30 h. Departure from Paracas to Ica.
  • 11:30 h. Visit the vineyards of Pisco in Ica.
  • 12:30 h. Lunch at a tourist restaurant.
  • 14:00 h. Visit the Huacachina Oasis.
  • 15:00 h. Dune Buggy & Sandboarding tour in Huacachina.
  • Professional driver & Entrance fees.
  • 17:00 h. Return to Lima.
  • 21:00 h. Arrival in Lima. Drop off at your hotel.


  • Extras and gratitudes.

Contact us via e-mail to confirm the availability of the tour you wish.
Once availability is confirmed, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Names & Last names.
  • Nationality.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Hotel name in Lima:  (This info might be sent 48 hours before we start the tour)

Proceed with your payment online through our web.
Finally, receive confirmation via e-mail.

Sun Protection: The coastal and desert regions can be quite sunny and hot.
Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the strong UV rays.

Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, especially for the dune buggy ride and sandboarding.
Closed-toe shoes are recommended to prevent sand from entering your shoes.

Appropriate Clothing: Dress in layers to accommodate the temperature changes throughout the day.
Light, breathable clothing is ideal for the warm climate, while a jacket may be needed in the evening.

Hydration: Stay hydrated, especially in the desert heat.
Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of fluids to ensure you remain energized during the day.

Camera and Binoculars: Capture the stunning scenery and wildlife sightings with a good-quality camera.
Binoculars can also enhance your experience, allowing you to observe distant wildlife during the boat tour.

Cash and Local Currency: Carry some cash, as not all places may accept credit cards.
Also, having local currency can be convenient for purchasing souvenirs or snacks during the tour.

Pack Light: Only bring essential items to avoid unnecessary weight during the tour.
Keep in mind that you will be moving between different locations throughout the day.

Tour Date Change Policy:
You have the flexibility to change the date of your tour with ease, provided that you make the request at least 15 days in advance.
No charges will be applied for rescheduling within this timeframe.

Cancellation Policy:
Should you decide to cancel your tour, please notify us at least 14 days before the scheduled tour date to avoid any significant charges.
In such cases, only an administration fee of 20% will be deducted from the total amount paid.

Last-Minute Cancellations:
We regret to inform you that last-minute cancellations are not accepted.
If a cancellation request is made within 4 days of the tour start date, the full charge for the tour will apply, amounting to 100% of the total cost.

No Shows:
In the event of a no-show, where a customer fails to appear for the tour without prior notice, a 100% cancellation fee will be levied, and no refunds will be issued.

Cancellation due to Weather Conditions:
In the event of bad weather conditions that prevent the boat tour to the islands from taking place as scheduled, our policy states that we would provide another tour option.
The remaining costs related to the other inclusions and activities of the tour, such as the Huacachina Oasis adventure, transportation, and guides would not be affected by the weather-related cancellation and would not be subject to a refund.

How long is the boat tour to the Ballestas Islands?
The boat tour to the Ballestas Islands takes 2 hours.

Can you see dolphins on this tour?
The answer is yes, but not always.

Are we able to walk on the Ballestas Islands?
No, it is forbidden, we will appreciate all the marine life from the boat.

Can we see the Candelabra figure on this tour?
Yes, our boat will stop right before the candelabra and we will have some time to take pictures.

Is it cold around the Ballestas Islands?
It is usually a bit windy and cold once the boat gets in motion. Once around the islands is a bit hot.

Are we doing sandboarding in Huacachina Oasis?
Yes, at the Huacachina Oasis we will participate in a dune buggy tour, and boards are provided for all.

Is it difficult to do Sandboarding?
It might be a bit difficult if you do not have any sandboarding skills.
However, our instructor will teach you how to do it.

Is the tour suitable for all age groups?
Yes, the tour is designed to accommodate travelers of all age groups.
However, certain activities like the dune buggy ride and sandboarding may have age or health restrictions, so it’s best to check with the tour organizers beforehand.

What should I wear for the tour?
Wear comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, as temperatures can get hot during the day.
Additionally, closed-toe shoes are recommended for the desert activities.

Do I need to be physically fit for the tour?
While some activities involve physical exertion, the tour is generally suitable for participants with a moderate level of fitness. However, certain activities, such as climbing sand dunes, may require a bit of stamina.

Are meals included in the tour package?
Yes, lunch is included.

Is the tour family-friendly?
Yes, the tour is family-friendly and offers an excellent opportunity for families to bond while experiencing the natural wonders and adventure together.

Will I have a chance to see wildlife during the tour?
Yes, the boat tour to the Ballestas Islands offers a great opportunity to spot various wildlife, including sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and numerous seabirds.

Are there any safety measures in place during the tour?
Yes, safety is a top priority during the tour.
The tour guides are trained professionals who ensure that participants follow safety guidelines and enjoy the activities in a secure environment.

Can I participate in the tour if I have mobility issues?
It depends on the specific mobility issues.
Some activities may not be suitable for individuals with certain disabilities.
It’s best to communicate your concerns with the tour organizers to find suitable alternatives.

What is the best time of year to take the tour?
The Ballestas Islands and Huacachina Tour is available and accessible all year round.
However, for the most favorable weather conditions and wildlife sightings in this region of Peru is from October to April.