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Arequipa is a delightful Colonial City, situated at the foot of El Misti Volcano, a perfect snow-capped cone of 5,822 meters.
Arequipa is also known as the White City due to the white color of its buildings.
This white color comes from the Sillar, a rock of volcanic origin that is very abundant in the area.
In Arequipa almost, everything was built with Sillar, mansions, monuments, cloisters, and churches.
Few cities in the world enjoy such an exclusive architectural landscape, as Arequipa.
Among its most notable monuments is the Santa Catalina Monastery, which was founded in 1579.
Santa Catalina is a small, labyrinthine village, with narrow cobblestone streets and pretty plazas.
This convent served as a cloister for Dominican nuns during the XVI and the XVIII centuries.
Nowadays, Santa Catalina still functions as a religious complex as well as a tourist site.
Without a doubt, Santa Catalina is the most remarkable colonial sight in Arequipa.
At the heart of the city is located the Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful in Peru.
It is a pleasant spot adorned with beautiful gardens surrounded by arcaded buildings in colonial style.
Overlooking the plaza is situated the imposing Cathedral of Arequipa, which dates from the XVII century.
Also, at the Museum of Santuarios Andinos you may meet Juanita, a well-preserved mummy, found high in the Andean glaciers.
Some blocks away from downtown is located the popular neighborhood of Yanahuara.
Yanahuara is a traditional district with a nice lookout point from where you can perfectly make out the volcanos of Arequipa.
On the other hand, the countryside of Arequipa also offers amazing natural views, as well as great colonial architecture.
All these wonderful attractions make Arequipa a great destination.”

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