Highlights of Peru

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We proudly present to you our exceptional trip program “Highlights of Peru”
Highlights of Peru is an extraordinary 16-day travel package, meticulously designed to showcase the very best of Peru.
Prepare to be captivated by a tapestry of awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient wonders, and vibrant cultures.

“Unveiling Peru’s Treasures, One Highlight at a Time”

Real Destinations, Real Experiences

Welcome to the City of Kings
We start our Highlight of Peru trip with Lima as your gateway to awe-inspiring wonders.
A city brimming with rich culture, tantalizing gastronomy, and fascinating history!
A big city where the past and present merge seamlessly, awaits to enchant you with its unique colonial buildings and amazing museums.

Exploring the wonders of the Peruvian Jungle
Begin your adventure in the enchanting Tambopata Reserve, a haven of biodiversity.
Traverse lush rainforests and encounter extraordinary wildlife, from vibrantly colored birds to elusive jungle creatures.
Experience the magic of untouched nature like never before.

Unveil the Timeless Charm of Cusco
Delve into the heart of Peru’s rich history as you explore the Ancient Inca “Capital of Cusco.
” Marvel at the exquisite colonial architecture that tells tales of a bygone era.
Lose yourself in the winding streets, vibrant markets, and welcoming atmosphere of this cultural gem.

Enter the Sacred Realm of the Incas
Venture into the legendary “Sacred Valley” of the Incas, where ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes intertwine.
Discover the vibrant Andean Market of Pisaq, a kaleidoscope of colors, aromas, and handcrafted treasures.
Immerse yourself in the living tapestry of Peruvian culture.

The Lost City of Machu Picchu
Prepare to be spellbound by the awe-inspiring wonder that is Machu Picchu.
Ascend to the sacred citadel nestled amidst lush jungles and misty peaks.
Witness the mystical ruins that whisper tales of an ancient civilization.
Let the secrets of Machu Picchu unfold before your eyes.

Venturing into the Magic of Lake Titicaca
Embark on a mesmerizing journey across the glistening waters of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.
Encounter the floating islands, where ancient traditions are kept alive, and experience the genuine warmth of the local communities.

The Majestic Colca Canyon
Unleash your inner explorer as you venture into the breathtaking depths of the Colca Canyon, one of the world’s most profound natural wonders.
Absorb the sheer magnitude of the towering cliffs, encounter the majestic Andean condors, and immerse yourself in the splendor of untouched wilderness.

The Enigmatic Nazca Lines
Unravel the enigma of the Nazca Lines from above, soaring in awe-inspiring flight.
Marvel at the colossal geoglyphs etched into the desert floor, their purpose and origins shrouded in mystery.
Witness these ancient artworks, a testament to the ingenuity of past civilizations.

Adventure in Huacachina Oasis
Experience exhilaration as you traverse the rolling sand dunes of the Huacachina Oasis aboard a thrilling dune buggy.
Engage in the adrenaline-pumping sport of sandboarding, gliding down the golden slopes, leaving behind memories etched in the shifting sands.

The Paracas Marine Park
Conclude your epic Peruvian odyssey with a captivating boat trip around the Ballestas Islands.
Be astounded by the teeming wildlife, from playful sea lions to exotic seabirds.
Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Pacific Ocean and bid farewell to Peru with cherished memories.

Embrace the allure of Peru, where ancient wonders blend seamlessly with breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures.
Let the enchantment of this extraordinary journey leave an indelible mark on your spirit.
Book your “Highlights of Peru” trip today and embark on a voyage of a lifetime!


Day 1º: Welcome to the city of Lima. Pick up from the airport. Overnight in Lima.

Day 2º: Flight to the Jungle. Welcome to the Tambopata Reserve.

Day 3º: Tours at the Tambopata Reserve. Oxbow Lake and the Medinal Farm.

Day 4º: Flight to the City of Cusco. Welcome to the Inca Capital. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 5º: Cusco City Tour. Visit the best attractions in and around Cusco. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 6º: Tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Train to Aguas Calientes. Overnight in Aguas Calientes.

Day 7º: Private tour to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu – Return by train to Cusco. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 8º: Travel to Puno by bus visiting the tourist attractions on route. Overnight in Puno.

Day 9º: Highlights of the Lake Titicaca. Uros floating community and Homestay on Amantani Island.

Day 10º: Visit the Taquile Island. Return to Puno. Overnight in Puno.

Day 11º: Excursion to the Colca Canyon. Hot springs in Chivay. Overnight in Colca Canyon.

Day 12º: Visit the Cruz del Condor. Bus ride to the city of Arequipa. Overnight in Arequipa.

Day 13º: Free day in Arequipa. Night bus to the city of Nazca. Overnight on the bus.

Day 14º: Arrival in Nazca – Nazca Lines Flight – Bus to Paracas via Huacachina Oasis – Overnight in Paracas.

Day 15º: Boat tour to the Ballestas Islands. Bus to Lima – Overnight in Lima.

Day 16º: Departure Day.


Day 1°: Welcome to Lima.
Upon your arrival, you will be met by our representative at the airport of Lima.
Afterwards, our driver will transfer you to your hotel located at the residential zone of Miraflores.
Miraflores is an ideal place to stay. With its captivating blend of safety and charm.
You can explore the stunning coastline, indulge in delectable cuisine at trendy restaurants.
The district’s well-maintained streets and friendly atmosphere ensure a secure and enjoyable stay.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Miraflores *** or similar.


  • Pick up from the airport of Lima and transfer to the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Miraflores*** (Twin standard room)

Day 2°: Flight to the Jungle of Tambopata – Canopy Tower – Posada Amazonas.
At the designated time, our driver will pick you up from your hotel in Lima.
Afterwards we will drive towards the Lima Airport.
Once at the airport we will take a plane to the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado.
Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, you will be met by our local guide at the airport.
Once you had met our representative, you will be conducted at our office located ten minutes away from the airport.
At our office, we will pack only the necessary gear for your next few days, leaving the rest of your stuff at the deposit.
Shortly after, we will drive on a dirt road for about 20 kilometers to the local port located in the Community of Infierno.
Later, we will navigate up the river for about 50 minutes to the zone where Posada Amazonas Lodge is situated.
Along the way, you will catch your first glimpse of the Tambopata rainforest, observing lush vegetation and some wildlife.
We will have lunch on board.
Upon arrival at the lodge, our manager will welcome you and brief you on the necessary information and security tips.
Later on, we will do our first jungle excursion. We will visit a Canopy Tower, located some 20 minutes away from the lodge.
The canopy tower is 30 meters high and allows visitors to see a magnificent panorama of the vast rainforest.
Likewise, it is very common to see, parrots, and macaws flying by, so keep your eyes wide open and don’t forget your camera.
Before the sun sets, we will return to the lodge.
By night, visitors will attend a presentation on the Infierno ecotourism project.
Dinner at the lodge. Overnight at the Posada Amazonas ***.


  • Pick up from your hotel in Lima and transfer to the airport.
  • Flight tickets from Lima to Puerto Maldonado.
  • Pick up at the airport in Puerto Maldonado.
  • Transfer in motorized canoe to the jungle lodge. Lunch.
  • Tour to the Canopy Tower.
  • Dinner buffet at the lodge.
  • Posada Amazonas Lodge *** (Twin standard room)

Day 3°: Tambopata Reserve.

Shortly after breakfast, (very early), we take a short boat trip towards the Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake.
Upon arrival, we will follow a path, walking under towering trees and abundant vegetation until the lake.
Once we reach the lake, we board a catamaran and get around in search of river otters, which are usually seen after dawn.
Besides, we will also spot other wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin, and horned screamers.
After about 2 hours, we return to the Posada Amazonas lodge. Free time to rest at the lodge till lunchtime.
In the afternoon, we will return to the river and take again a short boat ride towards the medicinal garden of Centro Ñape.
Centro Ñape shelters a unique collection of plants that represent the ethnobotany of Tambopata.
At the garden, we will meet a native who will lead us on a trail and shows us the different types of medicinal plants.
Eventually, we will return to Posada Amazonas Lodge. Dinner at the lodge.
Overnight at the Posada Amazonas ***.


  • Early breakfast at the lodge.
  • Guided visit to the Oxbow Lake.
  • Lunch at the lodge.
  • Guided visit to the medicinal garden.
  • Dinner at the lodge.
  • Posada Amazonas Lodge *** (Twin standard room)

Day 4°: Flight to the city of Cusco.
At the designated time, our guide will lead you down to the river dock where we will take the boat back to Puerto Maldonado.
Depending on airline schedules, your journey back to the city might require dawn departures.
Once in Puerto Maldonado, we will go to our office to pick up your luggage, and finally, we will drop you off at the airport.
Later on we will flight to the Inca capital of Cusco.
Like many Andean cities, Cusco is situated at a high altitude (3300 m) therefore the weather is usually cold.
Upon arrival in Cusco, our guide meets you at the airport and then drives you to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Early breakfast at the lodge.
  • Transfer to the airport.
  • Flight tickets from Puerto Maldonado to the city of Cusco.
  • Pick up from the airport of Cusco and transfer to the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 5°: City Tour of Cusco.
09:00 h. We will do a City Tour, visiting the City’s Highlights located in and around Cusco.
We start off by visiting the huge “Inca Ceremonial Center of Sacsayhuaman“.
This enormous structure overlooks the city of Cusco.
Its constructions are amazing, with huge rocks perfectly fitted.
Later on we will visit another important Inca site known as “Qenqo“.
This is a place with subterranean passages and carved stone channels in a zigzag pattern.
In its inner part there is a carved stone table where it is said the Incas mummified their dead.
Afterwards we visit to the archaeological Inca site of “Tambomachay“, a temple dedicated to the God of Water.
After these visits, we will return to Cusco down town to visit “The Temple of Koricancha“.
Koricancha was the most important temple of the Inca Empire.
According to archaeologists it housed over 2000 priests and attendants.
Here religious ceremonies were constant and offerings to the Gods and the Inca’s ancestors were made each day.
Finally we will visit the beautiful “Cathedral of Cusco”.
This enormous Cathedral was built in the XVI.
After our city tour our local guide will drop you off at your hotel. Free evening.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • 09:00 h. City Tour of Cusco.
  • Evening at leisure.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Classic Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 6°: Sacred Valley of the Incas – Train to Aguas Calientes.
07:30 h. Our Sacred Valley adventure starts right at your hotel in Cusco. Our guide will pick you up from there.
Along the road, we will stop at the textile center of Awanacancha, a project dedicated to elaborate textiles.
During this short visit, we will see various types of Andean Camels, among them the Vicuñas and Alpacas.
Shortly afterward we head to Pisac, an important Inca citadel located high above the modern Pisac village.
Like many other important Inca buildings, Pisac also houses the Intiwatana, a ritual stone associated with the stars.
Following the itinerary, we walk down to the Pisac Market, which is located nearby.
Around the market, you will find musical instruments, ceramics, and many other handmade products.
Shortly after we visit a typical restaurant, in which we will enjoy good Andean gastronomy.
Finally, we will leave in the direction of the Ruins of Ollantaytambo.
Once at the ruins, we do a private visit to the most important sectors of Ollantaytambo.
After exploring the ruins, we go to the station to take the train to Aguas Calientes.
The train trip offers great natural sceneries, with many staggering views.
Upon arrival, our representative will collect you from the station and then escort you to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Machu Picchu *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • 07:30 h. Pick up from your hotel in Cusco. Sacred Valley Tour.
  • Private Bus transportation. (Group Service)
  • 12:30 h. Lunch buffet at the Sacred Valley.
  • English speaking guide & All entrance fees.
  • 16:00 h. Train tickets to Aguas Calientes.
  • 18:00 h. Pick up from the station and transfer to the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Machu Picchu *** (Twin standard room)

Day 7°: Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
06:00 h. After breakfast, our local guide meets you at the hotel lobby.
Shortly afterward, we take a tourist bus up to the ruins of Machu Picchu.
The bus ride lasts only twenty minutes, but, offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
Upon our arrival, our guide will show you the most remarkable sights of Machu Picchu.
Among the buildings, we will visit the Sun Temple, the Solar Clock, the Condor temple and others.
Likewise, we also visit the Inti Watana altar, a magnificent spot at the heart of Machu Picchu.
After exploring the city, you will have free time to walk around Machu Picchu on your own.
Eventually, we will take the bus down to the village of Aguas Calientes.Free time for lunch.
In Aguas Calientes, you have plenty of restaurant options.
Finally, we head to the station to take the train back to Cusco.
Upon your arrival in Cusco, our driver picks you up at the station and then drives you to your hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Cusco *** or similar.


  • Early breakfast.
  • Entrance fees to Machu Picchu.
  • Guided tour in Machu Picchu.
  • Bus tickets down to Aguas Calientes village.
  • Train tickets back to Cusco. (Expedition Service)
  • Pick up from the train station in Cusco and transfer to your hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Classic Cusco *** (Twin standard room)

Day 8°: Tourist Bus to the City of Puno.
06:15 h. Our representative picks you up from your hotel in Cusco and transfers you to the bus station.
At the station, we take a special bus service that includes various tourist attractions on the route.
Firstly, we head to the village of Andahuaylillas, where we visit a church considered as the Sistine Chapel of America.
This little chapel features one of the best religious decorations from the colonial era as well as impressive paintings.
Secondly, we stop at the Inca Ruins of Racchi, a large Inca complex built with mud and stones.
According to archaeologists, these are the remains of the Temple of Viracocha, an important Inca deity.
Shortly afterward, we drive towards the picturesque “village of Sicuani,” where we will enjoy an excellent lunch buffet.
After lunch, we drive up till we reach the highest point on the route, a cold place called “La Raya,” 4335 meters high.
At this natural lookout point, we will get off the bus and take a look around the area.
Finally, we visit the Pukara Museum, an interesting building that houses ancient monoliths.
Later, we will continue our journey to the city of Puno.
Upon arrival in Puno, our representative will pick you up from the station and transfer you to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Puno *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • 06:15 h. Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the bus station.
  • 06:45 h. Bus tickets to the city of Puno – Sightseeing on the route.
  • Entrance fees to all attractions on route.
  • Lunch buffet at the little Andean village of Sicuani.
  • 17:00 h. Arrival in Puno. Pick up from the bus station and transfer to the hotel.
  • Evening at leisure.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Puno *** (Twin Standard Room)

Day 9°: Lake Titicaca – Uros Floating Islands & Amantani Island.
07:30 h. Our tour starts at your hotel in Puno; our guide will pick you from there.
Shortly after that, we take you to the local harbor where we board a small motorboat.
First, we visit “The Uros Floating Islands”, a small community that has lived on these reed Islands for decades.
During our visit, we will learn with our local guide about their lifestyle, traditions, and beliefs.
Besides, we also take a short ride on a reed boat.
After strolling around the floating Islands, we continue our boat journey to the “Amantani Island.”
Upon arrival in Amantani, a group of islanders will welcome us to the harbor.
Shortly after that, we join our host family and go up with them to their house.
Late in the afternoon, we will do a short trek towards the summit of a hill known locally as Pachamama.
Once at the top, you can appreciate awe-inspiring views of Lake Titicaca.
Soon after sunset, we return to our house where our family will be awaiting us for dinner.
In the evening our group will gather at the local saloon where islanders celebrate a party, accompanied with live music.
Our local families will provide you with traditional clothing to attend this nice party.
Men get ponchos and wooly hats; the hats are handmade by the families, with unique styles.
Likewise, women get colorful skirts, blouses, and veils.
Overnight at a family house on the Amantani island.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the harbor.
  • Tourist boat transportation. Puno – Uros – Amantani.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Meals included (1 Lunch & 1 Dinner)
  • Professional English speaking guide.
  • Accommodation on Amantani Island at a family house.

Day 10°: Taquile Island – Return to Puno.
08:00 h. Shortly after breakfast, we will leave towards Taquile, a traditional Quechua speaking community,
Once at the harbor of Taquile, we will walk up along a narrow path to the center of the island.
Along the way, we will enjoy stunning views, including the Bolivian mountain range.
As soon as we get to the top, our local guide will explain about traditional life on Taquile.
Afterward, we visit a workshop where Taquile islanders elaborate beautiful garments, including colorful hats and waistcoats.
Likewise, the iconography on their textiles reflects their way of life, nature, as well as their beliefs.
Among their garments, stands out the Calendar Waistbands, which depicts the annual cycles connected to agricultural activities.
Later on, you will have free time to walk around, and by noon we meet up for lunch at one local restaurant.
Finally, we will descend to the harbor to take our boat back to Puno.
Upon arrival in Puno, our driver will take you back to your hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Puno *** or similar.


  • Breakfast at the family house.
  • 08:00 h. Visit the Taquile Island.
  • 12:30 h. Lunch at the Taquile Islands.
  • 14:00 h. Return to Puno.
  • 17:00 h. Pick up from the Lake Titicaca dock and transfer to your hotel.
  • Evening at leisure.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Puno *** (Twin standard room)

Day 11°: Trip to the Colca Canyon.
06:00 h. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel in Puno.
Shortly afterward, we will drive towards the Colca Canyon.
The bus trip offers along the road beautiful Andean scenery.
Following an ascending road, we will arrive at the zone of Viscachani.
Here we will make a stop to stretch our legs and drink coca tea.
Later on, we will continue ascending a dirt road till.
Afterward, reach the highest point of our trip, The lookout point of the Andes (4,800 m)
We will get off the bus for some minutes to observe at a distance the volcanoes of Arequipa.
Among them, we can see the volcanoes Ubinas, Misti, Chachani, Sabancaya (active) and Ampato.
Shortly after, we will drive downhill to the village of Chivay.
In Chivay, we will have lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will go to our hotel.
Late, in the afternoon, you have free time to explore by yourself the little village of Chivay.
Before the sun sets, we will visit the thermal pools of Chivay, where we can relax a bit.
Afterward, we will return to the hotel.
By night we visit a local restaurant where we can taste a delicious Andean dinner.
At the restaurant, we can also enjoy live Andean music and typical dancing.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Colca *** or similar.


  • Breakfast at the family house.
  • 06:00 h. Pick up from your hotel in Puno.
  • Tourist bus to the little village of Chivay (Group Service)
  • Entrance fees to the Colca Canyon and the hot springs.
  • Meals (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Colca ***. (Twin standard room)

Day 12°: Visit the Cruz del Condor. Bus ride to the city of Arequipa.
06:00 h. We leave the hotel early in the morning, soon after breakfast.
Today we will visit the popular lookout point called Cruz del Condor.
The bus ride to the Cruz del Condor takes 2 hours.
The road offers excellent views of the Colca River and the surrounding mountains.
We will make some stops for photos along the way.
After some time, we will reach the zone known as Cruz del Condor.
The condors usually fly over the area during the morning, so it will be easy to spot them around here.
Also, you will have time to walk along the edge of the canyon and take great photos.
Eventually, we will return to the village of Chivay, passing through typical villages on route.
At around 12:00 h, we will stop at a restaurant for lunch.
Finally, we will drive to the city of Arequipa.
Upon arrival in Arequipa, our driver will drop you off at your hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Arequipa *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Guided visit to the Cruz del Condor Lookout point.
  • Lunch buffet in a local restaurant in the town of Chivay.
  • Tourist bus to the city of Arequipa. (Group Service)
  • Drop off at your hotel in Arequipa at the end of the tour.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Arequipa *** (Twin standard room)

Day 13°: Free Day in Arequipa – Night bus to Nazca.
20:30 h. We pick you up from your hotel in Arequipa and transfer you to the bus terminal.
At the station, we take a tourist bus towards the city of Nazca.
Overnight on the bus.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Free day to explore the city of your own.
  • 20:30 h. Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the bus terminal.
  • 21:30 h. Bus tickets to the city of Nazca.
  • Overnight on the bus.

Day 14°: Nazca Lines Flight – Trip to Huacachina Oasis.
06:30 h. Upon your arrival in Nazca, our local guide will meet you at the bus station.
Afterward, we go to the Nazca airport to take the flight over the Nazca Lines.
For this aerial tour, we use a small, Cessna aircraft with spacious room for five people; each one gets a window seat.
Our pilot will give each participant a Nazca Lines Map that will be very helpful during the flight.
Among the animal figures, you will see a representation of a monkey, a spider, a whale, and other creatures.
Likewise, you will see various birds, such as a condor, a parrot and a heron, as large as three soccer fields.
Additionally, we will also find geometrical shapes and hundreds of straight lines.
Finally, your plane lands in Nazca, and we continue our journey to the Huacachina Oasis by private transport.
Upon arrival in Huacachina Oasis, we will meet our local driver who will take us on a nice tour out in the desert.
There will be some points where you will have the opportunity to practice Sandboarding.
Our driver will take you to the summit of some dunes, and from the very top, you will be able to slide down.
You will find a wide variety of dunes, suitable for the very beginners, as well as for professional sandboarders.
The dune buggy tour lasts 90 minutes.
After the tour, we take you to the hotel located at the Paracas Bay by private car.
Overnight at the Hotel Double Tree Paracas By Hilton *** or similar.


  • 07:00 Arrival in Nazca.
  • Pick up from the bus station in Nazca and transfer to the airport.
  • 08:00 h. Classic Flight over the Nazca Lines.
  • 10:00 h. Transfer to the bus station of Nazca.
  • 11:30 h. Private transport to the Huacachina Oasis.
  • 15:00 h. Dune buggy tour around the Huacachina desert and sandboarding.
  • 17:00 h. Private transport to the Paracas Bay.
  • 18:00 h. Arrival in Paracas. Drop off at the hotel.
  • Hotel Double Tree Paracas by Hilton *** (Twin standard room)

Day 15°: Balllestas Islands – Bus to Lima.
07:45 h. Our local guide picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the Ballestas harbor.
At the dock, you will take a speed-boat, which is well equipped with life vests and comfortable seats.
Along the way we will see a figure known as The Candelabra, an enigmatic design etched on a hillside.
As soon as we get near the Candelabra, the captain will stop the boat, and our guide will provide information about it.
Shortly afterward, we continue towards the Ballestas Islands, which are located a few minutes away.
Once we reach the Ballestas Islands, we visit the best zones where animals are frequently seen.
Among the creatures, you will see hundreds of marine birds, mainly cormorants, and pelicans.
Likewise, you will see also groups of penguins, which are usually standing near their caves.
Besides the zone also shelters large colonies of sea lions, which are generally swimming nearby.
On the other hand, it is forbidden to walk on the islands; therefore, we will see all the marine life from our boat.
Also, you will also see a variety of crustaceans and unusual rock formations.
Eventually, we will return to the mainland.
12:30 h. Pick up from the hotel and transfer to the station to take the bus to the city of Lima.
Upon your arrival, our representative will meet you at the bus station. Transfer to the hotel.
Overnight at the Hotel Casa Andina Standard Miraflores *** or similar.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • 08:00 h. Boat excursion to the Ballestas Islands.
  • 10:15 h. Transfer back to the hotel.
  • 12:30 h. Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the bus terminal.
  • 13:00 h. Bus tickets to the city of Lima.
  • 17:00 h. Arrival in Lima. Drop off at the hotel.
  • Hotel Casa Andina Standard Miraflores *** (Twin standard room)

Day 16°: Departure Day.
Breakfast buffet at the hotel. At the designated time transfer to the airport. End of our trip Highlights of Peru.


  • Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport.

Contact us via E-mail to confirm the availability our HIGHLIGHTS OF PERU trip.
Once availability is confirmed, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Names & Last names.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • International Flight Arrival Information:  (This info might be sent 1 week before we start the tour)

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HIGHLIGHTS OF PERU travel package includes the following:



  • 2 Nights accommodation at the Jungle lodge Posada Amazonas.
  • 12 nights accommodation at a 3 stars Hotel Chain – Casa Andina.
  • 1 Night homestay on Amantani Island in the Lake Titicaca.


  • All transfers in and out in each city as specified in the itinerary.
  • Flight tickets from Lima to the Jungle City of Puerto Maldonado.
  • Flight tickets from Puerto Maldonado to the city of Cusco.
  • All transportation (Train, Bus and Boat)


  • All attractions included in the itinerary. See itinerary please.
  • All entrance fees to all attractions.


  • Breakfast buffet in All hotels.
  • All meals during the Jungle Tours. ( 2 lunch + 2 dinners + 2 Breakfast)
  • Lunch buffet during the tour to the Sacrad Valley.
  • Lunch buffet on the Sun Route trip – Cusco to Puno.
  • All meals during the Lake Titicaca Tour. (2 lunch + 1 dinner + 1 brekfast)
  • All meals while the Colca Canyon trip. (2 lunch + 1 dinner + 1 brekfast)


  • International Flights.
  • Airport Departure Taxes on domestic flights.
  • Tourist Visas (If applicable)
  • Gratuities of any type.
  • Insurance of any type.
  • Meals not specified.

Reservation: To secure your spot on the desired trip, we require 50% payment of the trip.

Final Payment: The remaining balance of your trip cost must be settled no later than 45 days prior to the departure date.
Failure to make the final payment within the specified timeframe may result in the cancellation of your reservation, and the deposit will not be refunded.

Last-Minute Bookings: For bookings made within 45 days of the departure date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy:
If you wish to cancel your reservation, the request must be submitted to us in writing.
Please take into account that payments for flights, some train services and Machu Picchu bookings are non-refundable due to airline and operator policies.
All other reservations cancelled less than 45 days prior to the arrival date of the tour are subject to the following cancellation fees:

Cancellations made with 22 – 45 days’ notice: 40% charge.
Cancellations made with 9-21 days’ notice: 75% charge.
Cancellations made with 8 or less days’ notice: 100% charge.

Non-Refundable Services:
In the event of cancellation, it’s important to be aware that specific services, including domestic flight tickets, the train to Machu Picchu, and Machu Picchu entrance fees, are subject to penalties imposed by the airlines and tour operators.
If such penalties are applicable, we will deduct the corresponding amount from your payment to cover these expenses.
We will transparently communicate the deducted amount and provide a breakdown of the penalties incurred.
Rest assured, we will handle this process efficiently and ensure that you are fully informed about any deductions made.

Trip Cancellation:
In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered an alternative trip of similar value.
If the alternative trip is not acceptable to you, a full refund of all payments made will be provided.

Minimum Group Size:
Some of our trips require a minimum number of participants to operate.
If the minimum group size is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. In such cases, you will be notified at least 30 days before the departure date, and a full refund will be issued.

Passport and Visas:
It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure they have a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the return date.
Visas, if required, are also the traveler’s responsibility.

Travel Insurance:
We strongly recommend that all clients purchase comprehensive travel insurance covering trip cancellation, medical expenses, baggage loss, and other unforeseen events.

Medical Conditions:
It is essential to inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations that might affect your ability to participate in certain activities during the trip.
Before traveling to Peru, it is advised to check with your healthcare provider for recommended vaccinations and health precautions.

While we strive to adhere to the planned itinerary, certain circumstances, such as weather conditions and unforeseen events, may necessitate changes to the schedule. Our team will make every effort to provide suitable alternatives.

Limitation of Liability:
Mystery Peru acts solely as an intermediary between you and local suppliers providing transportation, accommodation, and other services.
We shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage resulting from acts of negligence or omissions by these suppliers.

By making a reservation and payment for any of our travel packages, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions.
We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience during your journey to Peru.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Is international airfare included in the package?
No, international airfare is not included.
Clients are responsible for booking their own flights to Peru.

Are domestic flight tickets included in the package?
Yes, domestic flight tickets for specific segments of the tourare included.

What type of accommodation will be provided during the tour?
Accommodation will be in 3 stars well-selected hotels and lodges with comfortable amenities.

Are meals included in the Highlights of Peru tour package?
Yes, specified meals are included as per the itinerary (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Is the Tambopata Reserve Jungle Tour physically demanding?
The Tambopata Reserve Jungle Tour involves moderate physical activity.
Participants should be able to walk on uneven terrain during jungle excursions.

How much time will we spend in Machu Picchu?
The Machu Picchu tour typically lasts for 2 hours, during which you’ll have a guided exploration of the archaeological site.

Will I need to acclimatize to the altitude in Cusco and other high-altitude destinations?
Yes, acclimatization to the high altitude is essential.
Our itinerary allows for gradual acclimatization to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

Are the Paracas Reserve and Huacachina Oasis tours suitable for all ages?
Yes, the tours are generally suitable for all ages, but some activities may have age or health restrictions.
Please check with our team for specifics.

What are the health precautions and vaccination requirements for visiting Peru?
We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider for necessary vaccinations and health precautions before travel.

How many people will be in the tour group?
Group sizes may vary, but we aim to keep them small to ensure a personalized experience.

Can I customize the tour itinerary?
We can discuss limited customization options.
Please contact our team for more information.

How do I book the Highlights of Peru Tour?
You can book the tour through our website or by contacting our reservations team directly.

Is travel insurance included in the package?
Travel insurance is not included in the package.
We highly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance independently.