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The city of Trujillo is located on the north coast of Peru, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
It enjoys a pleasant climate, elegant colonial architecture, and imposing archaeological sites.
The Trujillo Valley was the cradle of a large number of cultures, such as the Moche Civilization.
Also called the Mochica people, they flourished in the area around 200 AD.
The Moche stood out for the great art in their pottery, including hundreds of perfectly human portraits.
Certainly, their erotic ceramics, are the most popular of their creations, due to the explicitness of his sexual art.
The Moche left behind an extraordinary architectural legacy, such as the Temple of the Sun and the Moon.
The Moche also excelled in goldsmithing, proof of it is the treasure of the great Lord of Sipan.
Sipan was a Moche royal tomb discovered in 1987, a unique discovery due to its great array of pieces of gold.
North of Trujillo lies the El Brujo archaeological complex, made up of large pyramids built in adobe brick.
El Brujo was a ceremonial center, whose frescoes on high relief reflect the life, customs, and rituals of the Moche.
Near El Brujo complex was made another extraordinary discovery, this time, those of a Moche priestess.
Archaeologists called her La Dama de Cao, and she is believed to have ruled the Moche during their heydays.
Without a doubt, this finding revolutionized our ideas about the role of women in ancient Peru.
West of Trujillo is located a great Chimu citadel, a kingdom that emerged after the fall of the Moche Culture.
This large citadel is called Chan Chan, and it flourished around 1000 AD.
Despite the time, Chan Chan still maintains its structures, with imposing walls adorned with images in high relief.
Our visit to Trujillo cannot be complete without visiting the popular beach of Huanchaco.
This area is the perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach and taste the exquisite northern cuisine.
Now you know, Trujillo has more than you can imagine.”

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