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Ica is a beautiful town located in the southern coast of Peru, in the middle of a green valley surrounded by desert.
The city was founded in the year 1563, some years after the Spanish conquest under the name of Villa de Valverde.
Nowadays it is known as the land of sun, land of haciendas, land of fruits and the birthplace of our brandy, El Pisco.
A fertile valley with a great cultural legacy, the cradle of great civilizations such as the Nasca and Paracas.
Few kilometers away from downtown is situated Huacachina, a popular oasis, hidden among dunes and palm trees.
Huacachina is a huge mirror of water, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and imposing dunes.
Its waters inspired the composition of beautiful songs and mysterious legends.
Tourists from all over the world arrive here, mainly attracted by its tropical beauty and Sandboarding.
Sandboarding or board on sand, is a very popular sport that attracts people of all ages.
It is a sport similar to skiing, but instead of sliding on snow, here they do it on sand.
On the other hand, Ica is also home of old vineyards, where pisco is still made in an artisanal way.
There are many wine cellars where we can learn more about this grape distillate and its fantastic history.
A visit to the city of Ica cannot end without having tasted a delicious Pisco Sour.
Another visit that is really worthwhile is the Ica Museum, which houses extraordinary pre-Columbian relics.
For these and many other reasons, Ica is a destination that cannot be missed on your trip to Peru.”

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